TCSTV Youtube Channel


TCSTV is The Camera Store's Youtube channel hosted by Evelyn Drake and Dave Paul, and filmed by Brendan Schmidt. This is the destination for in-depth reviews on the latest camera gear plus insightful features on photographers.

The TCSTV Crew

Evelyn Drake grew up in the photography and camera business. She joined The Camera Store team as a teenager and has developed her passion for the photographic arts. She loves travel photography, especially documenting people and still life.

Dave Paul has been involved with all things photography for ages, even owning a mini-lab long before the days of digital. When he is not out testing the latest and greatest new gear he is working freelance and is also the official photographer of two fitness organizations. Dave loves any excuse to carry a big camera and a long lens.

Brendan Schmidt's background in documentary filmmaking serves him well when capturing our host's reactions to the latest gear. A skilled shooter and editor, Brendan loves any opportunity to make a montage!

How TCSTV Began

Back when YouTube was new and 'Tik Tok' by Ke$ha was a #1 hit, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake decided to start shooting short videos about some of the new cameras coming to The Camera Store. One viral video and several hundred episodes later, The Camera Store TV had morphed into a gear review show, and become one of the most popular and well-recognized photography channels on YouTube.

In April 2018, Chris and Jordan left TCSTV to join DPReview, the world's most popular photography gear website. The hosting duties were then taken over by their frequent guest host Dave Paul and Jordan's wife Evelyn Drake.

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