Photography Theory

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Roland Barthes: Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography


Susan Sontag: On Photography


Adam Bell, Charles Traub: Vision Anew, The Lens and Screen Arts


Robin Kelsey: Photography and the Art of Chance


David Campany: A Handful of Dust


Geoffrey Batchen: Photography Degree Zero


David Bate: Art Photography


Robert Adams: Beauty in Photography


Robert Adams: Why People Photograph


Jorg Colberg: Understanding Photobooks The Form and Content of the Photographic Book


Allan Sekula: Photography Against the Grain: Essays and Photo Works, 1973 - 1983


Walter Benjamin, Esther Leslie: On Photography


Vilém Flusser: Into the Universe of Technical Images


Vilém Flusser: Towards a Philosophy of Photography


Walter Benjamin: Illuminations


Tina M. Campt: Listening to Images


Alan Trachtenberg: Reading American Photographs


Robert Adams: Art Can Help


Yves Bonnefoy: Poetry and Photography


Charles S. Johnson Jr: Science For The Curious Photographer 2nd Edition


Alan Trachtenberg: Classic Essays on Photography


Paul Martin Lester: Visual Ethics


Henri Van Lier: Philosphy of Photography


W.J.T. Mitchell: What Do Pictures Want?