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Sony HVL-F45RM External Flash with Wireless Radio Control


Aputure COB 120t Lighting Kit V-Mount with Case


Sony FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander


Sony FA-WRR1 Wireless Radio Receiver


Syrp 3L Link Cable


Aputure EZ Box+ Softbox Kit wth Grid for Armaran


Lumahawk LMX-LDF200SS Shadowless Flat LED Light


Lumahawk LMX-LDF200RS Shadowless Flat LED Light


Syrp 3N Link Cable


Syrp 3C Link Cable


Syrp 2S Link Cable


Syrp 2N Link Cable


Syrp 1P Link Cable


Syrp 1N Link Cable


Sony HVL-F32M TTL Flash


Lumahawk LMX-LDF200LA Shadowless Flat LED Light


Syrp 1C Link Cable


Lumahawk LMX-LD900A Slim Profile LED Light


Sony HVL-F43M Flash


Aputure Amaran HR-672C LED Video Light


Lumahawk LMX-LD312DS On Camera LED Light


Stand Bag 48"


Sony HVL-F20M External Flash


Pentax AF360FGZ II Flash