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Olympus M.Zuiko ED 300mm f4 IS Pro
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17 Elements in 10 Groups
Micro 4/3

Ratings and Reviews
A New Way Of Shooting
I've never used an autofocus supertele lens before. This lens has put me on a learning curve with the focus limit switch and target acquisition. It's compact enough to carry in my messenger bag with my other lenses and E-M1. The lens is very sharp and contrasty. I'm not getting the most resolution with what I've been shooting because I'm often stopped down to f9 or f10 to get enough depth of field. Those times that I've been able to shoot wide open, the lens shocks me with its ability to isolate and superb resolution. The OIS/IBIS combination makes the tripod mount irrelevant for shooting down to 1/15 second, even when using the MC-14 TC for about 17x magnification over 'normal'. Gripes: The 'beauty ring' is awful; it's very slippery and I only had it on the lens for a few minutes before packing it away. I wish the hood locked into and out of position like the 40-150 Pro does. I had a couple of times where I thought it was stuck in the extended position forever; gripping very gently while turning the 'stuck' hood lets it rotate again. Is the Olympus 300mm f4 Pro worth the price? Considering the resolution, image stabilization, fast focus, 3 position focus limit switch, extreme close focus ability and superb build quality - yes, for my particular photographic needs.
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WOW, I'm Floored
Simply put, the sharpest lens I have ever used including most Canon L lenses. Sharper then the Oly 75mm f1.8. Very easy to handle and the IS is out of this world!!
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