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Nikkor AF-S 200-500mm f5.6 E ED VR
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19 Elements in 12 Groups
Nikon F
268mm x 108mm

Ratings and Reviews
Haven't had time to do a whole lot of testing but impression is that Nikon will sell a lot of these. Exceptionally sharp at all focal lengths, even wide open. Furthermore, it is sharp right into the corners on FX. Can't see any CA or other flaws. Controls/rings very smooth in operation. Works great with the 1.4 X Nikon teleconverter. While some might find f5.6 a bit slow, bear in mind aperture does not change with focal length. You have f5.6 even at 500mm. The case is usual "mouse fuzz" cloth but there is a thick shock absorbing pad in the bottom so better protection than you might think. The unit physically extends with increasing focal length but there's no wobble. Nice to have a tripod collar included and it's very well designed plus removable.
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Astounding Value
I still can't believe that Nikon makes a lens of this size and quality for so little money. I think that they did it because they were losing customers to Sigma and Tamron in their ultratelephoto category, and they were afraid that people would be impressed enough with the competition that they would buy other non-Nikkor lenses. This lens is big, heavy, and beautiful to use. I don't mind the weight: it has a lot of glass in it. I took a photograph of a high-altitude aircraft at the front of a contrail with it, and when I enlarged it I could clearly see it was an Emirates B747. I've used it to photograph deer, moose, geese, and songbirds, and the results are tremendous. The only negative point is that Nikon didn't put the gold ring on the front of the lens barrel. They should - it's a great lens.
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