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Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 IV
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20.1 Megapixels
1.0" CMOS
2.9x Optical Zoom
4sec. - 1/32000sec.
16 FPS Continuous Shooting
ISO 125-12,800
25 Point AF
100 Mb/s Maximum Bitrate
NP-BX1 Li-ion Battery
101.6mm x 58.1mm x 41.0mm

Ratings and Reviews
Tiny toolbox
This camera is far-and-away the best point-and-shoot camera I've ever owned. For it's incredibly small size, there are a ton of features packed into this machine. Pro's: - Tons of features built-in. - Can install Sony apps like time lapse and star trails. - Incredibly small when the lens is retracted. - Image quality is fantastic for a point-and-shoot. I believe the same sensor is built into bigger/more robust Sony bodies. - high speed (980 fps) gives some incredible results. Con's - It's very heavy for its size, but there are limited grips. The anodized finished, combined with the weight, is a drop waiting to happen. There is a grip kit for it but I haven't found one in Calgary. - Startup speed is pretty slow. There's too much operating system in there. - the extreme high speed filming is clunky. There are a lot of settings to wade through before it's ready to shoot, and once set up it isn't intuitive to find in the system. - extreme high speed shooting is limited to a second or so of shooting. So you must be set up, focused and ready before starting the shot and you have a very small window during which to capture the scene. Don't expect to switch to high speed and hit the record button. Overall: I'm glad a bought this camera. Next to my dSLR's this camera gets the most use because of its size, image quality and flexibility. Most of the con's above are functionality, but once you get through any setup confusion the images are great for a P&S - considering the small size Sony has done a remarkable job packing so much into the frame so it'll be hard to perfect the interface. I'm glad I bought RX100m4; if I could go back and buy it again I definitely would. I would suggest anyone looking to buy this camera google "rx100m4 super-high-speed samples" and you'll find a ton of creative ways to play with the high speed capability. "Seeing" at 980 fps takes some creativity, thought and planning ahead.
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