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Syrp Genie
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Ratings and Reviews
Great, versatile tool.
There are a lot of good reviews online for the Genie and for good reason. Out of the box it's a tank - solid construction, clearly labeled, intuitive to set up and use in minutes. I haven't yet used the most complex features, specifically chaining it to a Genie Mini and Bulb Ramping. Basic use is straight-forward: - attach camera (and ball head if desired) to the top; - connect camera and Genie with camera brand-specific link wire; - attach the cable driver end to the Genie (there's also a panning plate, but just panning can be achieved with the Mini); - tie the drive cable to the ends of your slider (there are cable cleats included but they didn't fit on the ends of my slider); - set distance, interval and length of time for your timelapse; - hit start. All of the settings can be entered in an incredibly easy to use interface. The only hiccup with settings was that "Advanced Settings" appeared off-screen - the way the screen is laid out (there are spaces in the menu) it didn't occur to me that there were more options if you scroll down a page. It would speed the setup process if Syrp moved everything up to fill the gaps. Test runs have gone very smoothly. The only glitch encountered was tensioning the drive cable. If the drive cable is set too tight it will stick in the drive assembly, making for jerky time lapses and dollies. This was fixable in post but an extra, time-consuming step. Moral: only tighten the drive cable enough to prevent slack and test-slide the cable assembly before running the time lapse to ensure no sticky points. Pro's: solid construction, a lot of features presented in a simple, intuitive menu, battery life is longer than any camera I could mount on it! Con's: sensitive to tension on the drive cable but can be tested before running a time lapse or dolly. I was worried coming in that it would be hard to find uses for the Genie. But seeing how easy it is to set up, and the huge potential offered by a cable drive, there is a lot of potential in this device and I actually get excited to go out and 'play' with it.
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