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RODE NTG-2 Dual Powered Directional Condenser Microphone
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Ratings and Reviews
Professional Build/sound quality
Bought this RODE mike 8 months ago so I've used it in a variety of situations.....impressions as follows: A) If working in film, you will be very pleased at the overall sound quality is astonishing.....using 3 pin connectors B) RODE said it's "lightweight"...but I can't say that it's build is. This mic will last a lifetime of use, built like a tank, can take life's knocks for sure. All metal, can't say I enjoy the weight of it after carrying around your gear all day but I wouldn't change a thing on it. The ambiance is awesome, picks up sounds like a live stage. Power drain is minimal. Nothing bad to say about this mic. Would buy again tomorrow.
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