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Pentax DA* 16-50mm f2.8 *Open Box
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15 Elements in 12 Groups
Pentax K
84mm x 98.5mm

Ratings and Reviews
Day to day workhorse
I bought this lens when first introduced in 2007; Today, 10 years later it could do with a revamp. Perhaps the SDM could be updated, though I have never had a problem with mine, faster autofocus would be nice. Also, lens coating has evolved and the latest would be a nice upgrade to this lens. But, it costs less now than what I paid in 2007 and it's a good value and very good lens to have in your bag.
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Should be better than just "decent"
The main reason I chose this lens in the first place was because of that awesome Pentax weather-sealing and it being the perfect complement to the DA* 50-135. However, with the exception of results at smaller apertures, my admiration for this lens stops me short of getting excited about using it. The best word I can use to describe this lens is "decent". However, given the price tag and with Pentax touting it as one if its top-of-the-line APS-C lenses, the lens should be "exceptional" like its bigger brother, the DA* 50-135. As numerous other online reviews mention, this lens does not produce the best results with the aperture "wide open" at f2.8. The subject is not often tack-sharp and the bokeh is a bit distracting. Yet sometimes, given the 'perfect storm' of great lighting and your camera AF cooperating, you can get a stunning result wide open. However, what I've found with the Pentax system overall is that AF speed and consistency is not the best, regardless of body used, and this lens is no exception. Stopped down to f5.6 and smaller, however, I've gotten some stunning results with this lens. But again, for the money, one should expect the same with larger apertures.
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