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Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM
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19 elements in 12 groups
0.35m (1.15 ft.)
Canon EF-S
83.5mm x 110.6mm

Ratings and Reviews
This is my go-to lens
My 17-55 has been to Europe 8x and all across western Canada. It has consistently been dust proof, water resistant, strong and functional On my Canon 60D, it delivers very sharp images at every focal length. The 2.8 continuous aperture is excellent for interiors of cathedrals and galleries. I recommend this lens. it spends more time on my camera than all the others combined. It is not an "L" series lens but is nevertheless superior to most others.
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Inconsistent autofocus
The 17-55mm/2.8 lens is a great performer indoors due to its fast aperture and sharp glass. Unfortunately it exhibits inconsistent autofocus outdoors. The AF problem only occurs when focused on distant objects, and its extent is variable. Typically some shots in a series will be perfect whereas others will show severe front focusing, and some will be in between. The effect is most noticeable when shooting at large apertures. You may not notice it if the lens is stopped down. The lens always produces sharp pictures when manually focused, but not when using AF. The inconsistent AF problem is poorly documented on the Web, but was mentioned several times by Ken Rockwell in his review. Contrary to this, many users find that the lens autofocuses fine. Therefore you should determine for yourself whether the AF is satisfactory, and return the lens in the return period if it is not. The problem cannot be fixed because it is due to the design of the lens. Accordingly, all copies behave the same.
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