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Sony E 70-350mm f4.5-6.3 G OSS
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Sony E

Ratings and Reviews
Considering it size, weight & price, this really is an excellent lens
I bought this lens prior to a trip to Belize where the primary 'focus' was birding. I wanted to keep my camera gear kit size manageable so opted to leave my full frame stuff at home going instead with my Sony APS-C gear. I needed something with 'reach', and could have used the 200-600 G zoom designed for FF but opted not to do that due to size/weight. Instead I bought from TCS the Sony 70-350 G lens designed for APS-C. Its size, weight & price (< $1000 CAD) are all modest, but there are trade-offs such as no tripod collar on the lens (would add weight). Its maximum 'reach' at 350 mm (equivalent to 525 mm on a FF lens) is good and adequate for birding though a little more would be nice. I am more than satisfied with the quality of photos that I came home with. The only 'gripe' that I have is not with the lens so much as with the camera to which it was attached (Sony A6500). It was not able to grab focus as readily as I would like. I am still waiting for Sony to produce a true higher-end APS-C camera (the rumoured A7000). I used the lens hand-held, or on a monopod, as with good results. For those who own Sony APS-C gear I recommend this lens.
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