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Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 II
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20 megapixel
Micro 4/3
3.1x Optical Zoom
60sec - 1/4000sec
11fps Continuous Shooting
100 - 25,000
11 elements in 8 groups
11.4 x 6.6 x 6.3 cm

Ratings and Reviews
Would be 5 stars if the viewfinder worked better for me
I have only one regret about this wonderful little machine. I bought it specifically because my previous pocket camera, an early Sony RX100 M2, lacked an optical viewfinder, and the backmounted viewfinders on all digital cameras are useless in bright light when your vision, like mine, has degenerated with age. The regret is that the optical viewfinder on this Panasonic is also useless in bright light. Example: outdoors at noon, full sun, trying to photograph a train on the other side of the Kicking Horse river from where I'm standing. The viewfinder shows me the mountains in the background, the vegetation in the foreground, but I'm not able to see enough detail to know which rail car I'm looking at (they were all black oil tankers except for one elderly, blue wheat car with that funky Alberta logo on it). I couldn't distinguish the locomotive from the background. I tried shading the optical finder with my hand, which helped a little, but I can't accept a camera where I'm always having to shade the viewfinder. I tried removing my glasses so I could get my eye as close to the viewfinder as possible, but the diopter adjustment was not powerful enough to let me shoot without glasses. Bottom line: my eyes are worse than yours, I hope, but just in case, test it is bright outdoor light before you commit. In every other respect, I really liked this little gem. I found the manual controls exceptionally easy to use, the menu system easier than the convoluted Sony menus I was using before. The Sony drove me crazy because every time I picked it up my thumb landed on the video button and I'd be stuck in video mode and unable to shoot stills -- no such problem with the excellent control placement of this Panasonic. I found the quality of the photos to be excellent, low-light response very good, portability very good (not as portable as the tiny Sony, sorry to say). If the viewfinder works for you, you'll probably be very happy.
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