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  • 2016 Worldwide WOW Photo Contest Winners

    Congratulations to the 2016 Worldwide WOW Photo Contest Winners. Philip Kanwischer (1st place Pro), Robert Postma (2nd place Pro), Denis Gadbois (3rd place Pro), Robert Ganz (1st place Amateur), Stuart Foster (2nd place Amateur) and Patryk Pulawski (3rd place Amateur). All proceeds from this fundraiser photo contest go to support the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

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  • Winner of the Experience Fish Creek 2015 Reader Photo Contest

    Julian Ferreira presents Justin Howse with a $500 Gift Card for The Camera Store. Justin’s photo, entitled “Rain in Fish Creek Park” was selected by our judges as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 Experience Fish Creek Photo Contest. 

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  • Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time

    Throughout his public life there was a childlike playfulness in Ali that seemed to transcend the brutality of his sport. After his career he became in appearance a peaceable, kind, and gentle man. The spectacle of violence comes through in the oversized book “Goat”, but the more economical “The Greatest of All Time”, also from Taschen, will do more for anyone who wants to survey how in the twentieth century people made myths from pictures.

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  • Profiling Yukon Photographer Mark Kelly

    On photographer Mark Kelly's online portfolio there is a series of photos of an abandoned building. It might be a mansion or a hotel. The rooms are brightened by dashes of colour, a pink wall, then a blue one, a wooden balustrade that ends with a volute curled like a fiddlehead at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Then there is sand. The building is filled with swells of sand as if the tide of a dry ocean is rising. 

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  • INSPIRE Project the mini heroes Book Launch

    Come join us in celebrating the launch of INSPIRE PROJECT: Mini Heroes. This beautiful coffee table book is a portrait collection of historically influential people brought to life through little children. 

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  • TCSTV's Unsung Cameras Of Yesteryear Contest: Fuji S5 Pro Giveaway

    In each of our next five TCSTV episodes, we’ll include a shot of a vintage camera somewhere within our episode. If you see it, click the google form link provided in the description of each episode.

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  • Giveaway Contest: Newborn Photography Workshop with JAC Photography

    Jody Ann Crane is not only a baby whisperer, she is also an expert at posing newborns to capture oh-so-precious photographs. We are hosting a special workshop with her on July 23rd, 2016. Find out how you can enter for your chance to win your registration to this event!

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  • Exposing for Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

    One morning there was a skiff of snow across many of the high open areas. I, and several other photo buffs, found a coyote near the roadside in one of these snow-filled areas. I knew from past experience that my camera was going to be blinded somewhat by all the snow surrounding my subject.

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  • Introducing Kelly Moore Camera Bags to The Camera Store

    Whether you are a mom, student, photographer or just someone who appreciates a great bag, we have the perfect bag for you. Kelly Moore bags are designed to keep you organized and protect your stuff. Think of them as your own personal assistant.

    To welcome this new bag line-up to The Camera Store, we are launching it with a Giveaway Contest. The prize is a Kelly More 2 Sues Bag in Indigo. Complete the following tasks to gain contest entries. Each social media task completed gains you 1 entry into the contest.

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  • June 2nd: CAPIC 3X30 Photographer Speaker Series and Annual General Meeting

    The next installment of the 3x30 Speakers Series is on June 2nd, 2016. The Speaker Series will feature three of Calgary's photographers; Dick Bakker, Jean Perron and Jared Sych. Each photographer will chat about their perception of the business environment as it pertains to their work, lessons learned, top tips and biggest mistakes.

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