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  • Oct. 2-3 Inventory Clearance Sale

    Save the Date for our Inventory Clearance Sale! Oct. 2nd-3rd, 2015
    This is your chance to get amazing deals on a variety of photography equipment and supplies!

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  • Now Hiring - Full Time Cashier Position

    We are hiring for an full-time cashier position. This position offers competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and a fun & challenging work environment.

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  • New Book: Tiny, Streetwise Revisited - Mary Ellen Mark

    Tiny, Streetwise Revisited provides a powerful education about one of the more complex sides of American life, as well as insight into the unique relationship sustained between artist and subject for over thirty years.

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  • Keep Moving - Profoto B2 Portable Air-TTL Lighting Kit

    Keep moving and shape light. The Profoto B2 is designed for photographers who want to capture real moments out in the real world but with full control and in perfect light. With TTL and HSS, with both power and speed, and with almost unlimited light shaping possibilities, the Profoto B2 makes great light easy.

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  • Two Mann Studios Travel Photography: Part 2 Greece

    Two Mann Studios recently spent 4 months traveling throughout Australia, Greece, and Croatia. Right before their trip started - literally on the way to the airport - Erika and Lanny Mann stopped in at The Camera Store and purchased 2 mirror-less cameras. Using the Fuji XT1 and the Sony RX1, Erika and Lanny captured their journey and have shared their beautiful photographs in a three-part blog series: Australia, Greece, and Croatia.

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  • Local Music Video with Footage from Sony A7R Mark II

    Music Video shot with a Sony a7r II, a Sony FS7 and my (somewhat dated) Canon EOS 7D. The set was lit with the new, very powerful Wasp Par light for Hive Lighting.

    Directed and Edited by Chad Tweten
    Camera Operations by Richard Blais and (TheCameraStoreTV's: Jordan Drake)
    Photography by Kevin Kirkpatrick

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  • Mobile Camera Obscura

    Check out a camera obscura (a work in progress) that is being made out of a vintage fiberglass camping trailer around Calgary Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Read this post for more info!

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  • Book Review: "Walking in the Light" and "Day for Night"

    Reading a recent publication entitled, “Images of the Body in Architecture”, I learned of how architecture can be thought of as deriving from the Greek (and before that) word “arche”, meaning beginning (or primal work, like using an axe, for shaping wood, or incising stone), combined with “techne”, meaning crafting (by using an axe, for instance.) Stay with me… I know I am starting off in an esoteric way, but I want to get to something key, part-and-parcel with what I wrote about in the last review, regarding “having an axe to grind”, and what I called “academic” photography.

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  • Free Profoto Light Shaping Seminar in Calgary

    Date: Sep 24th Thursday
    Time : 6-8:30 PM
    Where : Bud Moore Photography Studio, 1801 10th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

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  • Fujifilm Autumn Photo Walk with Billy Luong!

    On Wednesday, September 9th, we hosted a photo walk with "FujiGuy" Billy Luong, through beautiful North Glenmore Park! Participants had the opportunity to try the full line of Fujifilm mirrorless cameras and lenses, as well as get one-on-one guidance from a Fujifilm Pro!

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