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  • Gordy's Camera Straps Stress Test

    Gordy's Camera Straps are some of the best made straps in the world. We had to put them to the ultimate test to see how they'd hold up!

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  • Looking at Robert Frank's 'The Americans'

    I am more willing to abstract from the photograph, attempting to write a phenomenological review of this seminal book that has, time and again, been referred to as the greatest photobook, and the standard by which all others might be judged.

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  • Nikon D4S Hands-On Extreme Low Light Test

    The Nikon D4 was an amazing camera, but we were underwhelmed by the video performance. With the new D4S arriving, could Nikon have the most well rounded DSLR in the world? To find out, we brought in the mighty Nathan Elson, to shoot studio portraits with a 3 candle lighting kit!

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  • What's So Great About Miller Tripods?

    Miller Tripods, one of the best regarded names in professional tripods saw the same issue and responded with lightweight, but extremely high performance tripods and fluid heads.

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  • Outdoor Adventure Show - Free Photo Seminars

    Entrance to these seminars is free with Admission to the The Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show. 

    • Saturday March 22, 201411:00am to 4:00pm
    • Sunday March 23, 201411:00am to 4:00pm

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  • Panasonic GH4 Hands-On Field Test

    Chris and Jordan had the chance to check out an almost final version of the hugely exciting Panasonic GH4. Find out our thoughts on this beast of a camera, in 4K!

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  • On "Why Photographs Work"

    How something is asked varies wildly, and it isn’t very easy to define. A few years ago an art theorist asked the question “What do Pictures Want” in a famous essay. It yielded interesting results to ask a question like that, which went against common sense, as pictures should not desire anything on their own as inanimate objects, after all.

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  • The TCS Staff Shoot with the Sony A7/A7R

    The Camera Store staff participated in an internal photo contest using the Sony A7/A7R to capture winter photographs.

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  • George Barr Photo Exhibit

    Local photographer George Barr is showcasing a collection of Industrial Photographs at Chinook mall this spring.

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  • Calgary Camera Club Presents: Dr. Wayne Lynch

    The Calgary Camera Club Presents: A Seminar with Wayne Lynch May 17th, 2014

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