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  • What's Happening In Rentals?

    We have been working hard on expanding the selection in The Camera Store's Rental Department and are excited to offer a variety of new lenses as well as lighting equipment.

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  • Sunprints

    A little while ago The Camera Store started stocking a new, old product, called Sunprints. There are two varieties, one comes with an acrylic sheet, necessary to squish things down and keep still on the paper, and the other variety comes without the acrylic, both are available in two-sizes.

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  • Chris Niccolls Featured in Avenue Magazine

    TCSTV's Chris Niccolls was Featured in Avenue Magazine with a stylish portrait by: Nathan Elson Photography

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  • Portraits in the Wild

    Join Greg Gerla and Julya Hajnoczky and spend a full day shooting on location, where you'll learn professional strategies for taking full control of your location shoots to get great portraits - no matter what.

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  • Local Indie Video Workshop

    As the CIFF wraps up in Calgary, now is the perfect time to start thinking about honing your own video skills and techniques. Check out this local Indie Video Workshop series by Dallis Swiatek.

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  • Canon EOS 7D Mark II Pre-Order Gift Pack

    Limited time offer for EOS 7D Mark II pre-orders placed before November 15, 2014.

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  • Fujifilm X30 Hands-On Field Test

    We love the Fuji X series, and their latest camera just arrived! Unfortunately, it also showed up during a freak snowstorm in the summer. We brave the elements to give you loyal TCSTV viewers the scoop on this cool little compact!

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  • Samsung Clearance On Now!

    As part of our warehouse clear-out sale, The Camera Store has significantly reduced the pricing on a wide range of (in-stock) Samsung products from cameras and lenses to accessories.

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  • Select Celestron Telescopes On Sale!

    As part of our Warehouse Clear Out Sale we have reduced the pricing on several Celestron Telescopes.

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  • Average Normal Photographer Review of the Ricoh Pentax 645Z

    By now, if you are at all interested in the potential benefits of larger sensor real-estate, you have likely read or skimmed a handful of reviews of the newish medium format Ricoh Pentax 645Z. Personally, I am not a gear-head, tech-nut or pixel-peeper. I’m just a hard working mixed-genre photographer.

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