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  • Angela Graurholz and In Flagrante Two

    The poet and occasional art critic Herbert Read, under the influence of the philosopher Max Stirner, wrote about the “idiotic prejudice” which wrongly considers photography as a purely objective means of reproduction, and always at the service of a “point of view”.  In essence, I agree, even if I might desire to redact the word “idiotic” in good faith (which is not to sound too pious, I am just as capable of saying “raca” (or idiot). I should point to myself and say oh vain man… I am ashamed to say that for me, at least, that takes work…)

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  • Beholder DS1 Gimbal - Revolutionary Electronic Stabilizers for Video

    Even if you haven’t been staying on top of the latest tech for shooting video, it’s been hard to miss all the excitement over electronic gimbals like the DJI Ronin and Freefly MoVi. These revolutionary electronic stabilizers work like the image stabilizers in your camera or lens, but they’re large enough to stabilize for much larger movements like walking with the camera or controlling vibrations from a vehicle.

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  • 2016 Banff Mountain Photo Essay Winner

    With over 1500 votes cast the winner of the 2016 Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition has been decided.

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  • The Camera Store is Now Your Local Source for Pro Audio!

    With high-level film and television production ramping up in Calgary, thanks in part to the recently opened Calgary Film Centre, The Camera Store is moving forward on a great opportunity to be the singular destination for professional location audio equipment in Calgary. The Camera Store has always carried the largest selection of mid-range audio equipment, such as the ubiquitous Zoom Handy recorder series, and classic microphones from Rode and Sennheiser, and now we are setting our sights on the highest levels of gear required by demanding recordists everywhere.

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  • Shooting Macro with Chris Niccolls

    With the spring and summer months here and the desolate white and brown landscape that is Alberta behind us, for a few more weeks at least, Chris and Jordan took some time out of their busy schedule to take a look at shooting macro photography.

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  • Book Review: Multitude, Solitude

    Looking at Dave Heath’s photographs in the biggest, and best monograph on his work, a conjunction appears with the title, combining to make what I’d call an ideological value, an “oneist interpretation” of the world and individual perception, perhaps like what Hinduism demarcates as Advaita.

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  • Voting Now Open for The 2016 Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition

    The Camera Store and Nikon Canada are proud sponsors of the The Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition.

    Voting closes Tuesday, July 12 at 12:00 p.m. (MDT)

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  • Kelly Moore Bag Sale

    Whether you are a mom, student, photographer or just someone who appreciates a great bag, we have the perfect bag for you. Kelly Moore bags are designed to keep you organized and protect your stuff. Think of them as your own personal assistant.

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  • The First Medium Format Mirrorless Digital Camera is Here: Hasselblad X1D

    The Hasselblad X1D is the world's first mirrorless digital medium format camera. Weighing less than half of a conventional MF camera and crafted from quality durable materials, it takes design inspiration from the original V System. Weather and dust sealed to stand up to challenging conditions, delivering the revered image quality Hasselblad has pioneered since 1941. Its mirrorless body design and central lens shutter allows shooting noise to be kept very low allowing image capture without disturbing your subject.

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  • An Auteurist History of Film

    I think of “An Auteurist History of Film” by Charles Silver as the ultimate primer for an initiate to auteurist filmmaking. Silver wrote “The intricacies of the auteur theory can be pretty convoluted and burdensome to anyone who just wants to see a good movie”, but at the same time I think he also knew that by allowing for the concept of the auteur, even by fostering it, a more elevated conversation about cinema could take place.

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