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  • Sigma Canada's 'Black + Snow' Photo Contest

    Enter Sigma Canada's 'Black + Snow' Photo Contest for your chance to win $500 towards the Sigma Canada lens of your choice!

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  • CAPIC Photography SHOWCASE 2015

    Opening night for SHOWCASE 2015, part of the 2015 Exposure Calgary Banff Canmore Photography Festival, is February 18th at 7pm at the Village Brewery in Calgary. See the latest work from our Prairie members and enjoy a free beer on us. Bring your friends too.

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  • Launch Event at Gerry Thomas Gallery

    You are Invited to a Private Launch Event Hosted by The Workplace Speaker Network & The Gerry Thomas Gallery
    Celebrating Business & Innovation

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  • TCSTV Sony FS7 Review

    The Sony PXW-FS7 basically ticks every box I was was looking at, and the new form factor is truly wonderful. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Canon’s Cinema cameras, but I always loved the handling. The new handgrip and much more usable EVF of the FS7 puts it in line with Canon’s C300, but with much more modern specs. The slow motion capture, while not quite reaching the 240FPS of the FS700, gives you great colour and flexibility in post, while recording to capacity of the card.

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  • Chris Giles Pentax 645z Review: "The Journey"

    "Welcome to my personal review of the Pentax 645z. There are many posts and even though they will undoubtedly cross over in places with regards their content, I’ve tried to focus on certain aspects with each page."

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  • Canmore Art Guild Show

    Exposure 2015: The Portrait Saturday
    Jan. 31st - Feb. 17th 2015
    CAG Gallery: Elevation Place 102-700 Railway Ave Canmore AB.

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  • Looking at Images #4

    Upping colour or contrast has a long and honourable history. Everyone who shot Fuji Velvia was taking advantage of the film’s tendency to push colour to unreal levels. Agfa film was known for its warm tones, others did nice things to skin, and even Kodachrome wasn’t real, just nice, and long lasting.

    With digital editing, it’s simply a slider away to take the colour and push it up till it pops, and many do so, with nearly all of their images. Heck, cameras even have a setting for it. A quick visit to popular photo sites will reveal colours that never saw the light of day, so to speak.

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  • Part 3: Canon Pixma Pro-1 Printing & Print Quality

    In evaluating print quality, these are the factors I take a hard look at:

    • Colour Printing and Paper Profiles
    • Tone Transitions
    • Colour Shifts Under Different Lighting
    • Surface Sheen on Luster and Glossy paper
    • Black and White Qualities
    • Paper Handling and Printing Speed

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  • Looking at Images #3

    It was early spring and I hadn’t been to Fish Creek Park in a long time. It was mid afternoon, the light fairly harsh, and I didn't find anything to excite me 'til I made my way upstream and I was literally under McLeod Trail. In the shadows under the bridge and away from the heat of the sun were some ice formations, and one in particular stood out because it was lit from behind by a stray beam of sunlight sneaking under the bridge from the other side.

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  • Book Review: Louis Helbig’s “Beautiful Destruction”

    There is temptation looking through Louis Helbig’s “Beautiful Destruction” to get caught up in a rant that hasn’t much to do with the content of the work, and getting past that may require a second glance.

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