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  • Calgary Portrait and Fashion Symposium Presented by the International Masters Academy

    The International Masters Academy presents the Calgary Portrait and Fashion Symposium from April 30 - May 2, 2018. This three day symposium includes on-location portrait sessions, industry panel sessions, discussions on editing techniques for portraiture, and more! Master photographers Craig Minielly, Erich Caparas, Rafal Wegiel lead these workshops and discussions. Early bird pricing available until March 15, 2018.

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  • Wooden Niccolls: Recreating A Scene From Collateral With the Fuji X-H1

    When we started the TCSTV YouTube channel 8 years ago, I had no idea that one of the major perks of the job would become working alongside artists I hugely respect. Despite having made only three episodes so far, our Wooden Niccolls series has become my favourite thing we shoot. It allows Chris and I to combine our mutual love of movies with a great camera test while working with incredible industry professionals. Last year we shot a scene from Goodfellas with Nick Thomas, which was a ton of fun, but we’ve taken it to a whole new level this year thanks to amazing work from not only the Calgary filmmaking scene, but international support from Company 3, Method Studios and Fujinon US.

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  • Wooden Niccolls Cinema Scene Screening

    Creating Wooden Niccolls episodes has quickly become my favourite type of project for TCSTV. In these episodes, Chris and I find famous movie scenes and attempt to recreate it with a new camera with the help of the filmmaking community.

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  • Empire of Illusion

    “I have been walking all day. I started out with a mere idea, to see what I could see. It began without structure, and as I progressed, it gathered some. Along the way today I ran into a street photographer that I admire named Alvin. His working methodology is most closely akin to Garry Winogrand. He photographs with film, with a Leica, a prime lens with a small aperture, looking quickly at the edge of the frame. I love his pictures more than Winogrand’s because Alvin’s pictures are more compassionate to me, with mixtures of the intimacy that Winogrand seemed so tragically to avoid, and the irony of the street. I stand with him as he works on a corner that he normally shoots, in awe of his tenacious path to the ten thousand hour requirement to earn the title of mastery. I skinned my knee badly after a fall last week, and I am happy today that it is warmer, and I can stretch it. 

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  • Photographer Feature: River King

    One of the best things about working at The Camera Store is getting to see such an incredible range of work from photographers across the country. We love to see what our customers are up to. River King from Vancouver BC, is one of our regular online customers, with a great eye for landscape photography. His passion for capturing destinations is clear in the vast range of scenery he photographs.

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  • The Wildlife Exhibit - Exposure 2018

    Art Wolfe
    The Wild Life
    Exhibition dates: February 2 - 14
    Opening reception: Saturday, February 3rd

    With the support of Fujifilm Canada and The Camera Store, Calgary, the Canmore Art Guild presents The Wild Life, a display of wildlife photography featuring Art Wolfe

    Group Show
    Exhibition dates: February 16 - 27

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  • Filters for Landscape Photography

    It is true there may be many filters that are no longer necessary with the advent of digital photography, and the array of digital filters that come along with it, but there are still a few filters that no computer can replicate. In this post, I will go through the set of filters that I bring with me every time I go out to shoot landscapes in Banff National Park, listed in order of importance to me:

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  • Don’t Waste Your Precious Landscape Photography Time in Banff National Park

    Banff and the Canadian Rockies are known around the World for the many Famous landscape photography locations here.  Think about Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Vermillion Lakes and Mount Rundle.  And, I haven’t even mentioned the night sky and the Aurora yet.  The landscape photography possibilities in the Canadian Rockies are seemly endless.  But, what isn’t endless is the amount of time that you have to spend here photographing them.

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  • The Many Uses of The Studio Clamp

    Photographers, more than any other profession, have to MacGyver stuff all the time. We use light to create lasting memories. Unfortunately, light isn't always where we want it. So we have to first, create reflectors, lighting props, brackets, stands, etc. Once the light is where we want it to be and of the right quality, then we can proceed to create history.

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  • Poetry and Photography

    I recently read Yves Bonnefoy’s “Poetry and Photography” and struggled with it. I write that I read it, but the truth is that I finished far short, at the section where Bonnefoy references a work by Stephane Mallarme entitled “Igitur” that I did go on to read, and found deeply disturbing, and so also Bonnefoy’s definition of photography in turn, as it stems from his reading of the same vein of French symbolism.

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