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  • Sony Fashion & Lifestyle Shoot!

    Join us on Wednesday, July 22nd, for the Sony Fashion & Lifestyle Shoot with Sony Imaging Shoot Fashion & Lifestyle photos with Sony Imaging Ambassador Kate Siobhan, using the Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera System!

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  • Mirrorless Panasonic GM1: The Perfect Travel Companion

    Chris Niccolls took the mirrorless Panasonic GM1 travelling and brought back beautiful images, and a long list of reasons why it's the perfect travel companion!

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  • Sony Stampede Photo Walk!

    Join us on Friday, July 3rd for the Sony Photo Walk at the Calgary Stampede Parade! We'll have the latest & greatest Sony cameras and lenses, as well as expert staff to answer all of your questions!

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  • Costa Rica- Photography Beyond the Senses Tour

    In October 2015, Steve Baylin & Steve Hiscock are guiding an 8 day photography tour of Costa Rica. Presented by Merit Travel, this tour is perfect for nature lovers and will be full of exotic wildlife, tropical plants, rainforests, and beautiful landscapes.

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  • Book Review - Jeff Wall: With the Eye of the Mind

    Jeff Wall is my favorite living photographer. I like his photographs because he thinks about them, they are complicated to some, but I have always found them relatively simple. I am writing this way at the outset to simplify my intentions, because I think of Wall’s aesthetic as visual ethics. 

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  • Scott Dimond Awarded 'Best Panoramic Photographer' by Panobook

    Calgary photographer, Scott Dimond, has been awarded Best Panoramic Photographer by the Panobook 2015 photo contest!

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  • Everything Old is New Again: Analog Photography Supplies

    Some of our staff and the owners of The Camera Store got together to discuss analog photography, and a ‘new’ compliment of chemicals we have added to our darkroom selection!

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  • Remembering Mary Ellen Mark by Peter Jeune

    It was early 2005 when we were asked if The Camera Store would be interested in helping bring the iconic documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark to Canmore to speak at the Exposure Photography Festival. We were very excited to bring in a photographer of Mary Ellen’s calibre.

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  • Saturday Morning Discussion: Shooting Portraits with Natural Light

    Join us on Saturday, June 6th for a discussion with award winning portrait photographer, Peter Gold, on Shooting Portraits with Natural Light!

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  • Book Review - “L’eclairement” and "I Wanna Take Me a Picture"

    My last writing for The Camera Store was a botched job. You see, despite my best intentions, I misevaluated an assessment, and in so doing gave myself a few weeks of crisis, or at least an opportunity to think things through a little more.

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