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  • Remembering Mary Ellen Mark by Peter Jeune

    It was early 2005 when we were asked if The Camera Store would be interested in helping bring the iconic documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark to Canmore to speak at the Exposure Photography Festival. We were very excited to bring in a photographer of Mary Ellen’s calibre.

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  • Saturday Morning Discussion: Shooting Portraits with Natural Light

    Join us on Saturday, June 6th for a discussion with award winning portrait photographer, Peter Gold, on Shooting Portraits with Natural Light!

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  • Book Review - “L’eclairement” and "I Wanna Take Me a Picture"

    My last writing for The Camera Store was a botched job. You see, despite my best intentions, I misevaluated an assessment, and in so doing gave myself a few weeks of crisis, or at least an opportunity to think things through a little more.

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  • Saturday Morning Discussion: Photographing Abandoned Buildings

    Join us this Saturday, May 23rd at 10AM for a discussion about Abandoned Building Photography with Derek  Neumeier!

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  • Creating & Collecting Photo Books

    Join us in-store this Saturday, May 9th at 10AM as The Camera Store's John Veldhoen discusses Creating & Collecting Photo Books. ​This event is free to attend and will have something to offer all interest & skill levels.

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  • "More Than Meets the Eye" a discussion about Sport Optics with Chris Niccols

    Join us in-store this Saturday, May 1st at 10AM for coffee, donuts, and an open discussion about Sport Optics.

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  • Same Day Delivery!

    Need something today but can't make it over to The Camera Store? We now offer same day delivery on weekdays within Calgary!

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  • Book Review - "What is a Photograph?" and "See the Light"

    I started writing this because I was going to watch a movie on Netflix directed by Jean-Luc Godard called “Goodbye to Language”, but this seemed like a better idea because 1) I have been thinking about two books that I recently purchased, and 2) I don’t really like watching Netflix that much, or cinema for that matter. Although “Life Itself”, about Roger Ebert, was mostly good…

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  • The Big World of Small Things- Macro Photography Discussion

    Join us this Saturday, April 25th at 10AM for a discussion on Macro Photography! Hosted by The Camera Store's Larry Ricks, this free event will provide a big look at the world of small things!

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  • Starting Out - A Beginners Guide to Photography

    Join us on Saturday, April 18th at 10AM for our interactive discussion Starting Out- A Beginners Guide to Photography. Hosted by Nik Rajput, this free event will provide you with valuable information and resources to get started in the world of photography!

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