Travel Photography

  • “Go Away” and Take Good Photos

    I’ve always marveled at how aspiring photographers create their most creative images when they travel.  I really don’t see it as a big mystery, but a fun observation, that begs the question why? As well, to ask, why don’t we do that at home too?

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  • Is the Waterproof Panasonic TS7 the Perfect Family Camera

    Tough, waterproof cameras are not just for hardcore adventure seekers or snorkelers. They make excellent worry-free family friendly cameras too since they can be thrown in a diaper bag, purse, or even a cooler. Best of all, it can come to the beach with you and if it gets in the sand, no problem. Just rinse it off.

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  • 6 Tips to Achieving a Successful Photo Safari in Africa

    Born in South Africa, Simon grew up between a big metropolitan city and a cattle farm in Kwazulu Natal. His love for nature and the natural world grew with him, coupled with a keen interest in photography and his creative spirit, a career and a lifelong passion was born. He has spent the last 14 years in North America, but returned often to his continent of birth to quench his thirst for Africa and it’s wildlife. Eventually the call of the wild became too strong and Simon said farewell to the world of editorial and commercial photography for good to focus his photography on the natural world.

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  • Experience the Photographic Alchemist Workshop in Leran, France

    Introducing The Photographic Alchemist Workshop with Dianne Bos & Sarah Fuller 


    WHERE: Léran, Occitanie, France

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  • Lights Out in Arco: Watching the Total Eclipse in Small Idaho Town

    The sun rose from behind a mountain and cast amber light over the central Idaho plains.
    Horses wandered in a pasture looking for morning mouthfuls of dry grass. A hawk glided low along a field of barley ready for harvest.

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  • Travel Photographer Feature: Dr. M Robert Ito

    When asked what he loves most about photography Dr. M Robert Ito referred to a quote by the writer-photographer, Ralph Hattersley: 

    “We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” 

    Robert enjoys photography as a means of seeing events, places and people in a way that has meaning to him, unfettered by demands of editors, art directors and others that may have a different agenda, and to be able share his interpretation of the world that he sees with others. He said, “friends say that I am happiest when I am out exploring and shooting images.” I think many of us can relate to that. 

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  • Going Pro: The Photography Business Has Changed

    Brad Wrobleski reflects on how the professional photography has changed greatly since he began his career.

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  • Ghost Town Alberta

    A photo safari to the historic East Coulee, Atlas Mine, and townsite of Dorothy.

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  • Ghosts in the Badlands – Visiting Dorothy, AB

    Julya Hajnoczky describes what its like to shoot in a ghost town.

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  • Portraits of Sudan Pt. 4 People Places and Things

    Robert Scott shares portraits from South Sudan that he shot to help raise awareness on the need for water in this developing area.

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