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  • “Go Away” and Take Good Photos

    I’ve always marveled at how aspiring photographers create their most creative images when they travel.  I really don’t see it as a big mystery, but a fun observation, that begs the question why? As well, to ask, why don’t we do that at home too?

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  • f22: Prints at The Camera Store

    Not for nothing, I think buying and owning art is coequal to making it. If you want to have an ounce of credibility making things, buying art is essential. The Camera Store is offering two extraordinary prints at an affordable price. I think the work of the duo of photographers blend together in a way that defies my attempts describing them. I am proud that The Camera Store has made a small number available.

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  • Wrap-up: The Sony Stampede Experience Workshop

    At The Camera Store, we offer a wide range of workshops, including some that give access to an exceptionally high level of instruction and unique experiences. This summer, we were very pleased to host internationally acclaimed photographer, William Albert Allard, as instructor for a very special Sony Experience workshop at the Calgary Stampede this year.

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  • BMFF - Congratulations to Beth Wald, Winner of the Mountain Photo Essay Competition

    Congratulations to Beth Wald, grand prize winner of the 2018 Mountain Photo Essay Competition for her photo essay “Winter in the Afghan Pamirs.” Beth’s photos document the harsh and windswept remote region at the end of the Wakhan Corridor and the Afghan Kyrgyz people who live there, nomadically, depending on herds of yaks and sheep for their livelihood.

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  • An Evening With Two Master Photographers

    The Camera Store is honoured and pleased to welcome two master photographers, William Albert Allard and Vincent J Musi, for an evening of inspirational photography talks. Both highly acclaimed photographers, with tearsheets from an impressive list of publications including National Geographic, Time and Newsweek, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to see this event.

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  • William Albert Allard and the Stampede Workshop Experience

    William Albert Allard is one of few photographers of his generation whose entire body of work is in colour. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to a Swedish immigrant, he studied at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts and the University of Minnesota. His career began with an internship with National Geographic in 1964, which was the start of over fifty years of work with the publication. He is a photographer of people, and has worked and been published around the world.

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  • George Webber wins Gold from the National Magazine Awards for his photo essay “Uprooted”

    Among the winners was Calgary based photojournalist George Webber. He won Gold for Photojournalism and Photo Essay featuring his project “Uprooted” from Swerve Magazine.

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  • Photographer Feature: River King

    One of the best things about working at The Camera Store is getting to see such an incredible range of work from photographers across the country. We love to see what our customers are up to. River King from Vancouver BC, is one of our regular online customers, with a great eye for landscape photography. His passion for capturing destinations is clear in the vast range of scenery he photographs.

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  • Creator Feature: Salman Sajun Studio

    An illusionist, conjurer and artist, Salman Sajun, based in Montreal Quebec is a director that specializes in bringing the inanimate to life. Through a blend of stop motion and live action, he has created content for high-profile clients including Google and Nickelodeon. With a true artistic passion and an eye for perfection, his work evokes the nostalgia of childhood, when imagination could bring toys to life. 

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  • Learn How to Light in Our Most In-Depth 3 Part Lighting Workshop Ever!

    If you want to be a good portrait photographer, you need to know how to work with light. We are offering an incredible opportunity to learn how to work with studio lighting in a variety of applications from indoors to on-location. Ryan will teach you some of his secrets to creating dramatic lighting effects so you can up your game when it comes to creating professional looking portraits that you can be proud of! 

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