Infrared Photography

  • Infrared Photography, Part 4

    In this final installment of our infrared series Ron May discusses post-processing false colour images into black and white, his thoughts on composition and subjects, and his closing thoughts.

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  • Infrared Photography, Part 3

    Now you have the image, what else do I need to think about? Ron May discusses post-processing techniques for infrared photography, as well as considerations such as white balance, hot spots, and lens flare.

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  • Infrared Photography, Part 2

    There are basically two ways to capture infrared images with a digital camera. The first uses an appropriate filter on the camera lens, and the second requires the camera to be converted to a given IR wavelength. In this installment, Ron May discusses some of the filter options available and touches on camera conversion as well.

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  • Infrared Photography, Part 1

    The advent of digital photography and the software that has accompanied this development, has opened up realms of possibilities to the average photographer that were not readily accessible in the good, old days of film. One of these areas is infrared (IR) photography. It is a world of unseen light, as no one knows how it looks.

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