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  • 2015 Banff Mountain Photo Essay Winner

    The Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition goal is to showcase the best in mountain-themed photo essays – to recognize the best stories told through a series of still images. The jury is seeking a sequence of images that conveys a compelling story or message – with each image strong enough to stand on its own while conveying a greater narrative when viewed in the photographer’s desired sequence.

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  • roth and ramberg present 'Random Acts of Photography'

    It’s that time of year- the launch of the annual Roth and Ramberg Calendar.

    "As commercial photographers, our job is to capture a moment ­­­­­- to document an instance that will never be repeated exactly the same way again. It’s about the details. The experience."

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  • FUJI X100T Images By Marlin Olynyk

    Marlin Olynyk is a photographer & video specialist focusing on helping organizations and initiatives develop creative visual content. Marlin produces visual narratives in themes promoting travel, conservation, recreation, and the human condition. He is located in Vancover BC. More of his work can be viewed at

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  • The Banff Landscape Photography Summit

    Jan. 8th-10th, 2016 at the Banff Park Lodge Featuring:
    Robert Berdan, Ethan Meleg, Roy Ramsay, Kevin Gedling, Lori Homstol and Brian Merry

    The Banff Photography Summit is more than just another landscape photography workshop.  It’s meant to be a haven for creativity.  It’s a weekend retreat from the hectic and numerous distractions of everyday life, so that you can turn your complete and undivided attention towards growing as a photographer in the glorious setting of the Canadian Rockies.  The Banff Landscape Photography Summit is a photography workshop where you can immerse yourself 100% into your photography and learn from leading professionals in the field.

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  • When is Close-up too Close?

    As self-proclaimed Bucket List Adventurers (BLAs), Jana Kristin and I like to spend as much time as possible travelling to strange and exotic places for the purpose of photography. Actually this is not exactly true…we’re always excited to travel, and we’ll shoot almost anything, whether it’s strange, exotic, or not.

    We’re often asked to recommend the ideal lens for a novice travel photographer. The answer, of course, is “that depends on what you’re planning to shoot”. It only makes sense, for instance, to use a long telephoto so you can keep your distance when shooting lions and tigers and long toothed baboons in the wild. On the other hand, capturing that grand vista in the Himalayas usually requires a wide angle.

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  • Fuji X Series Try & Buy Program with Free 3 Day Trials

    Want to make sure you’re buying the right camera? Ask us about the FREE 3-Day Trial on ALL FUJIFILM X-Series Gear through our rental department at The Camera Store.

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    On first use out of the box I am impressed with the aesthetics and design. Fuji has done an excellent job with its design and produced a very sleek looking camera. The design of it just makes you want to use it. The nice thing about the X100T is that the essentials (aperture, shutter speed) are laid out nicely on the camera body and the few features that aren’t (ISO, file format, and more) are easily accessed with the handy quick menu represented by a very obvious ‘Q’ button on the rear of the body. I find it easy to shoot with out of the box without referencing the manual.

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  • Top 15 Books of 2015

    Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege of viewing so many photographs that taught me, were so pleasurable, or so intriguing. This list is not only a raft of remarkable pictures, but is a decidedly semic code, with books that entwine with literature; the quality I looked for on this list is work that shows, rather than tells. I think these books possess honesty, vision, and brilliance, but this list is not meant as a list of Christmas books, per se. I wanted to express gratitude and admiration, for pictures and ideas, by writing this. Of course, if you are looking for a book for the holidays, I think these will be gratifying, and will inspire photographic practice, and lead to new perspectives, but I also wanted to invite readers of the TCS blog, and our customers, to feel free to email me for specific recommendations. I hope I have learned some of the art of finding just the right book, and The Camera Store has a notable collection of technical books, monographs, and catalogs to draw from, and I can order specially, from near and far.

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