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  • Looking At Images #2

    We were attending our daughter's graduation and decided it might be fun to stay on Granville Island in the heart of Vancouver. Alison and I were just walking around, looking for images to make. There were stores and stalls, fruit stands and boats, ship's propellors and lots of characters, as well as a scattering of rust and water.

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  • Looking At Images

    This is Bill. Bill is a working rancher. William Allard (of National Geographic fame) was in Calgary to lead a workshop by The Camera Store that I had signed up for. Bill asked why I would want to attend a workshop at my age and with my experience, but I was feeling a bit stale and the idea of shooting people instead of rocks and rust, of working with someone more spontaneous and probably flexible than myself was appealing - and the workshop did that for me in spades.

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  • The Widowmaker, Kananaskis River

    I made this image in early September of this year. I was using my new Pentax 645Z and had a 35 mm lens and a 75 but nothing in between. I made a vertical composition and then wanted to include more to each side, without adding extra top and bottom, so it just made sense to do a stitch, even though at 51 megapixels, I didn't really need the extra resolution. Switching to the 35 would have included a lot more.

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  • Italy Travel Photography

    Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Milan, Pisa, Lake Como, Sicily…ahhhhhh Italy. There are so many amazing places in that incredible country. My job as a professional photographer has taken me back and forth across Italy several times, but of all the places that I have seen it was the ‘secret’ Amalfi coast that hooked me on la dolce vita.

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  • Sony A7R Review with Rob Caleffi

    When The Camera Store in Calgary, Alberta asked me to review a camera from Sony’s mirrorless line, I jumped at the chance. After previously reviewing the top-down merging of medium format into the DSLR universe (the Pentax 645Z), it seemed logical to next review compact cameras as they merge upwards.

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  • Lessons Learned: The Battery

    We were fortunate enough to be able to take an Adventure Canada circumnavigation cruise around Newfoundland. The ship had arrived the evening before from South America and before that the Antarctic, and customs were being VERY thorough and we departed several hours late - already well after sunset and just plain getting dark.

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  • Top 10 Photography Books of 2014

    Hopefully this list gives you a few gift ideas just before Christmas.

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  • Jeremy Fokkens Book Signing

    On Saturday December 13th, 2014 from 11AM-3PM Jeremy Fokkens will be at The Camera Store signing copies of his new book The Human Connection. This would make a great personalized gift for the hard to shop for person on your list or anyone who has a passion for photography.

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