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  • Stranger than Fiction

    Teju Cole recently wrote what I thought was the best breakdown on the subject of surrealist photography, and managed against what seems like all odds to prepare a short introduction for The New York Times Magazine while maintaining empathy with the topic. Cole writes with clarity. I like feeling located, right side up, full, and I like fine, lapidary, complete, formal, or natural shapes. Naturalism is good, and I think his writing is chiefly an example of naturalism. 

    Photo ByTrevor Hernandez

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  • Photographer Feature: Max Ortiz Aguilar's Macro Photography

    Nature photography of any kind has its challenges, however macro photography could be considered as one of the most demanding. There are a number of factors that you have to consider, especially when you are photographing small living subjects, such as insects, or frogs.

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  • Paz Errázuriz

    I am overpowered by the photographs of Paz Errázuriz, and have not found it in the slightest way a simple thing to address this body of work. Her survey monograph from Aperture arrived earlier this year, and I have had a difficulty confronting the spare series “Heart Attack of the Soul” head on, as well as the section “Sleeping”.

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  • The Cover of the 2017 Canadian Geographic Calendar

    Congratulations to Joe Desjardins for having one of his wildlife photographs featured on the cover of the 2017 Canadian Geographic Bears Calendar. 

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  • Photokina 2016 Recap

    Photokina, the worlds largest photo trade show, has been in full swing since 1950. Along with CP+ and PMA, Photokina showcases the latest in digital gear, photographic presentation, drones, accessories, and so much more. 2016 is the first year that The Camera Store TV took the long flight over to Cologne, Germany. One could easily be forgiven for assuming that TCSTV would be in camera gear Heaven. However Photokina, and Cologne, held much more in store for us than just technology.

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  • Nikon D5 Trade-Up And Save Promotion

    Add $500 to the trade-in amount of a qualifying camera when you purchase a new Nikon D5 camera.

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  • What's New in Rentals?

    With the ever growing popularity of mirrorless compact cameras, we've expanded our selection to offer more Panasonic equipment! If our GH4 goes beyond your needs, try the GX8. The GX8 offers 4K video quality, a tilt-swivel screen, and a mic jack so you can be sure to capture all the purrs and funny antics from the cats you're obviously recording for your YouTube channel.

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  • Photography Gear vs. The Wild

    Our latest TCSTV episode was inspired in just such a way. If we were lost in the woods, could we start a fire using only the glass elements in our lenses? From here, Jordan and I quickly expanded the idea to the following: If stuck in a survival situation, how well could we manage using only the camera gear and photo accessories found in the average photographer’ s backpack? Inspired by equal parts Survivorman and MacGyver, we soon had our most challenging, and most enjoyable idea to date.

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  • Press Release: Sony Introduces New a6500 Camera with Exceptional All-Around Performance

    New Flagship APS-C Sensor Camera Combines World’s Fastest AF speed and Highest Number of AF points with In-camera 5-axis optical image stabilization, Touchscreen AF Operation, 24.2 MP Exmor® CMOS sensor and more

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  • German Beer and The Panasonic G85

    I’m sitting at a table, a now empty steiner of German beer is in front of me, surrounded by local photographers, and fellow YouTube channel hosts, and upon the Rhine a barge full of locals partying to loud music floats by. This is Cologne. Jordan Drake and I find ourselves in this stunning city to take in all that is Photokina. The largest photo tradeshow in the world is in full swing, and the atmosphere couldn’t be more enjoyable.

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