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  • f22: Prints at The Camera Store

    Not for nothing, I think buying and owning art is coequal to making it. If you want to have an ounce of credibility making things, buying art is essential. The Camera Store is offering two extraordinary prints at an affordable price. I think the work of the duo of photographers blend together in a way that defies my attempts describing them. I am proud that The Camera Store has made a small number available.

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  • Nikon Mirrorless Is Here.

    Nikon has officially announced their new mirrorless lineup of Z-series cameras and lenses. With two new cameras, the Z7 and Z6, and three new lenses with a brand new mount, the Z-series is the full-frame mirrorless from Nikon that we’ve been waiting for.

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  • Deity Microphones – Questionable Pizza Choices, Exceptional Microphones

    Deity may be a new audio company, but their microphones, such as the S-Mic and the V-Mic D2 have been around for a while under their parent company, Aputure. With the success of the S-Mic shotgun microphone, the folks at Deity decided they needed to spread their wings as a separate brand so they could dedicate themselves to the further development of exceptional professional audio equipment.

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  • Looking back: 22 Years of The Camera Store

    There’s a lot that happens in twenty-two years of business. Events, Youtube fame, a move or two. Changes in the industry too - like the change from film to digital. When Peter Jeune opened the store and worked it, alone, for nearly a year, it was film that was the main revenue. He’d open the store an hour before his competition, and sell film for just a little bit less. It was how he started building a client base, drawing commercial photographers in to pick up film before their shoots.

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  • Lightweight and Versatile: Sirui Tripods

    It’s nice to have a tripod that is both versatile and lightweight. Even if you’re not constantly trekking up mountains or rolling the dice with air travel restrictions, it’s nice to just not have to carry so much stuff. Unfortunately, such “premium” ideals too often come with a premium price tag. The words “carbon fibre” have a particular way of conjuring up cartoon dollar signs flashing around my head to the sound of a cash register chiming.

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  • 4 Peak Design Products that we Love

    Not only do the TCS staff like to chat about photography together, and hum and haw about shooting and composition - sometimes the staff here like to go out and shoot. When we do we’re always looking for quality products to carry our gear around. Peak Design has proven itself to us time and time again.

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  • Wrap-up: The Sony Stampede Experience Workshop

    At The Camera Store, we offer a wide range of workshops, including some that give access to an exceptionally high level of instruction and unique experiences. This summer, we were very pleased to host internationally acclaimed photographer, William Albert Allard, as instructor for a very special Sony Experience workshop at the Calgary Stampede this year.

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  • The Camera Store is celebrating its 22nd Anniversary with an F22 Event!

    We’re turning 22! The Camera Store has been in business since 1996, and to celebrate, we’re having an event and sale. Join us on Saturday, August 25th from 9AM to 5PM for special deals, an outdoor trade show with our vendors, prizes, demos, a food truck and more.

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  • Book Review: Shape of Light

    Distributed Arts Publishing has a new catalog called “Shape of Light” corresponding to an exhibition of photography, still taking place as I write this at the Tate Museum, in London. The point I want to make is communication relies on abstraction, regardless of considering how language works. And there is nothing to be afraid of.

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  • Shooting with the Sigma Art Series

    At this juncture, I don’t believe the Sigma Art series of lenses really needs any introduction - having launched in 2013, the Art line has been nothing short of incredible for professional and amateur photographers alike. The Art primes have always showcased a lot of value for your dollar. Today, I’m going to talk about how often I’ve used these lenses in the field during work, as well as share some samples.

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