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  • Travel Photographer Feature: Dr. M Robert Ito

    When asked what he loves most about photography Dr. M Robert Ito referred to a quote by the writer-photographer, Ralph Hattersley: 

    “We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” 

    Robert enjoys photography as a means of seeing events, places and people in a way that has meaning to him, unfettered by demands of editors, art directors and others that may have a different agenda, and to be able share his interpretation of the world that he sees with others. He said, “friends say that I am happiest when I am out exploring and shooting images.” I think many of us can relate to that. 

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  • Staff Photo Contest Winner: Peter Gold

    We don't mean to brag...But, The Camera Store is home to some incredible photographers including master photographer Peter Gold. Gold has been a photographer for over forty years, and we have been lucky to have him as our studio specialist for just over a decade. 

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  • Photographer Feature: A Student of Wildlife Photography

    75-year-old Don Mcvee is a self-proclaimed student of photography from Kelowna, and has been shopping with The Camera Store’s online department for nearly a decade. We came across his Flickr account while reviewing his order one day, and were struck by the diversity of the wildlife he has captured around the world. Don truly has a passion and eye for photography. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his journey of making photographs.

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  • Blind Spot and Western Landscapes

    Siri Hustvedt is an American novelist, but along with her work as a fiction writer, she has written essays on diverse subjects, like neuropsychoanalysis, and painting. The latter investigations presuppose a connection between selfhood, and perception. She is the author of the introduction to Teju Cole’s new book of photographs, “Blind Spot”. Cole is a photographer, but is also a writer, and contributes a regular column to the New York Times “Lens” section entitled “On Photography” which I have mentioned on this blog before, in connection to essays written by Luigi Ghirri.

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  • Trade-In For Over $850 in Credit Towards a Fujifilm GFX-50S

    For a limited time, we invite you to trade-in your working DSLR camera to trade-up to a FUJIFILM Medium Format GFX 50S Camera. Trade-in an applicable camera, to receive a trade-in credit, plus an additional $850 towards the purchase of a new FUJIFILM GFX 50S.

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