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  • Hip Image Photo Bus is Coming to The Camera Store

    Our friends from HipImage Photo Bus will be stopping by with their fun vintage style photobooth during our 20th Anniversary Celebration on Aug. 27th, 2016. Don't miss your chance to check out their high-tech, social digital photo booth that delivers memories and keepsake photos. They've combined their love for the vintage, fresh ideas for events and a passion for photography to bring you Hip Image—Calgary’s most memorable photo booth experience.

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  • World Photo Day Photo Contest

    Today is World Photo Day so we thought we would invite you to submit an image to our photo contest that reflects your world. It could be a landscape shot, a cityscape, a photo of your cute fur-baby. Anything that makes you proud to be a member of this planet. Our team of judges at The Camera Store will review all the submissions from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to select a winner on Monday August 21st, 2016.

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  • Introducing the Hoodoofoodoo Food Truck

    The Camera Store will welcome Hoodoofoodoo's Cafe on Wheels for our 20th Anniversary Celebration Sale on Aug. 27th, 2016.

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  • Book Review: Adams, Ghirri, Szarkowski

    I took a week off, intending to do some summer reading, but instead I ran a bunch, played some basketball, and otherwise got out in the sun, and was way more active than I guess presupposed by some colleagues who rightly judge from my inerratic, middle-aged frame that I would otherwise sit around during my time off, eating… So the fixit is to get at it, and you know, make an effort… I expected to go on Instagram and make a project, doing Polaroids for the month of August, captioned with bits from William Faulkner’s “Light In August”. After a few days, I called it quits. I am too obsessive for a permanent engagement with the Internet. Writing here is enough. I like how our store is like an old-fashioned guildhall, I can chat with people about cameras and books, work things out slowly, and read in my spare time.

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  • Photos from Brent Mykytyshyn's Lighting Painting Workshop

    Brent Mykystshyn recently taught a really cool Alternative Lighting Methods: Light Painting Intro Workshop. The group had the opportunity to build their own light painting tools and worked in Brent's studio and at a local abandoned site to paint objects and each-other.

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  • Enter Heritage Park's 2016 Railway Days Photo Contest

    Share your photographic talents at Heritage Park.  You could a win $500 gift card from The Camera Store, cash prizes, and free admission to Railway Days.  In addition, you could have your work displayed at Railway Days at Heritage Park, and take home the displayed print.

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  • Call for Volunteers: Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta is looking for volunteer photographers to help capture images of some of the projects they are working on.

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  • Photographer Feature: Chris Attrell - Uniquely Saskatchewan Photography

    Saskatchewan based photographer Chris Attrell has been exploring the back-roads of his province in search of ghost towns, abandoned farm houses and wicked prairie storms. He has a passion for photographing the abandoned places by night and started adding portrait photography in rural environments by day a few years ago.

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  • Learning to Capture Better Action Photographs While Supporting The MS Society of Canada

    My name is Rurik and I am a volunteer photographer. I have been photographing the Johnson MS Bike Tour since 2010. As a photographer I always consider these events as a great opportunity to practice my action and portrait photography skills. Therefore, I would like to share some tips to help find great shots of people and action in an outdoor environment with people having a good time.

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  • Angela Graurholz and In Flagrante Two

    The poet and occasional art critic Herbert Read, under the influence of the philosopher Max Stirner, wrote about the “idiotic prejudice” which wrongly considers photography as a purely objective means of reproduction, and always at the service of a “point of view”.  In essence, I agree, even if I might desire to redact the word “idiotic” in good faith (which is not to sound too pious, I am just as capable of saying “raca” (or idiot). I should point to myself and say oh vain man… I am ashamed to say that for me, at least, that takes work…)

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