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  • Kids 4 Cameras

    Kids4Cameras is an Edmonton-based volunteer-powered non-profit organization whose goal is to empower youth through photography, giving kids a medium for self-expression that would otherwise be out of their reach. The program hopes to encourage youth from all walks of life to share their voice through photography.

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  • Alberta Unbound: An Exhibition of Alberta Themes by the Kreativ Group

    Welcome to our show Alberta Unbound, please join us for a unique take on why we love Alberta and celebrate local Calgary art.  

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  • Banking on Images and Conversations

    I’ve been thinking lately that the discursive images used in architectural mock-ups have something to do with what all photographs are, as writing with light, photographs now seem to me as fractal parts of a greater design.

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  • THE BEST OF ALBERTA‚ÄôS WILD WEST: Photography Workshop Oct 18-21, 2018

    For anyone interested in the Canadian West and Cowboy Culture this is the ultimate workshop full of private shoots with some of the best horseman and horsewomen in Alberta. All of our models are authentic cowboys and cowgirls that really walk the walk and ride the ride.

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