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  • Canon "Best In Glass" Sales Event!

    The Canon Best In Glass Sales Event starts on Friday, May 1st! For a limited time, receive huge savings on a wide selection of Canon cameras, accessories, and world class glass!

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  • "More Than Meets the Eye" a discussion about Sport Optics with Chris Niccols

    Join us in-store this Saturday, May 1st at 10AM for coffee, donuts, and an open discussion about Sport Optics.

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  • Same Day Delivery!

    Need something today but can't make it over to The Camera Store? We now offer same day delivery on weekdays within Calgary!

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  • Book Review - "What is a Photograph?" and "See the Light"

    I started writing this because I was going to watch a movie on Netflix directed by Jean-Luc Godard called “Goodbye to Language”, but this seemed like a better idea because 1) I have been thinking about two books that I recently purchased, and 2) I don’t really like watching Netflix that much, or cinema for that matter. Although “Life Itself”, about Roger Ebert, was mostly good…

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  • The Big World of Small Things- Macro Photography Discussion

    Join us this Saturday, April 25th at 10AM for a discussion on Macro Photography! Hosted by The Camera Store's Larry Ricks, this free event will provide a big look at the world of small things!

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  • Starting Out - A Beginners Guide to Photography

    Join us on Saturday, April 18th at 10AM for our interactive discussion Starting Out- A Beginners Guide to Photography. Hosted by Nik Rajput, this free event will provide you with valuable information and resources to get started in the world of photography!

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  • Environmental Portraiture and The Human Connection

    Join photographer, Jeremy Fokkens, for an interactive seminar that is sure to take your portrait and travel photography to a whole new level! On Thursday, April 23rd, Jeremy is hosting Environmental Portraiture and The Human Connection.

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  • A Photographers Introduction to Video with Jordan Drake

    Join us this Saturday, April 11th at 10AM for A Photographers Introduction to Video. Leading the discussion will be Jordan Drake, our in-house Video Specialist!

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  • Book Review - Silent Dialogues: Diane Arbus & Howard Nemerov

    I bought a copy of Silent Dialogues: Diane Arbus & Howard Nemerov last week, and it was one of those books that compelled me forward, while I wanted it to slow down. I enjoyed the book, as it seemed to relate to so many thoughts, and opened up perspectives. 

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  • Looking at Images #8

    Ken and I had gone to Drumheller to photograph and I persuaded him to continue further north east to Hanna, where stands an old railway turntable and roundhouse. Now, I’d been there before, and needed something different. I made some photographs of parts of the side of the turntable (for another article maybe) and decided to wander around the back of the building.

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