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  • Banking on Images and Conversations

    I’ve been thinking lately that the discursive images used in architectural mock-ups have something to do with what all photographs are, as writing with light, photographs now seem to me as fractal parts of a greater design.

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  • THE BEST OF ALBERTA‚ÄôS WILD WEST: Photography Workshop Oct 18-21, 2018

    For anyone interested in the Canadian West and Cowboy Culture this is the ultimate workshop full of private shoots with some of the best horseman and horsewomen in Alberta. All of our models are authentic cowboys and cowgirls that really walk the walk and ride the ride.

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  • Big Changes for TCSTV

    Since 2009 The Camera Store TV hosts Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake developed one of the most popular Canadian based (and one of the top photographic product review) Youtube channels. They are moving on from TCSTV to DPReview, we are proud of them and know that they will do a great job. We are also excited to say that The Camera Store TV will continue with new hosts Dave Paul and Evelyn Drake along with appearances from staff and local photographers.

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  • Sunrise Light Explained

    For landscape photography, one of the most beautiful times to get out and take pictures is during a sunrise. This article will explain the different qualities of sunrise light in Banff using Moraine Lake as an example.

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  • The Street Photography of Garry Winogrand

    Garry Winogrand is the preeminent practitioner of what has become known as the genre of street photography, which he’d probably resent the heck out of my writing. In an interview in 1981, when questioned about the term street photography, Winogrand referred to it as “a stupidity”. Geoff Dyer is a writer, primarily a novelist, though he is a fine critic.

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  • Printing Demo Day at The Camera Store

    Join Fine Art Print Specialist and photographic artist Brad Allen from Resolve Photo alongside Russell Brown from Canon Canada for a free printing demo event on Saturday, April 7th from Noon-5PM.

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  • Kickstarter for Calgary Digital Expo

    Online video is full of innovation and creativity. It’s hard to believe that YouTube only started in 2005, and since then has grown to be a multi-billion dollar industry that includes multiple different companies. It’s a place where niches thrive and underrepresented people have found a voice. It’s because of a desire to support and honour this industry that the Calgary Digital Expo was created.

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  • Photography Bag Choices

    Whenever I’m on a photography assignment out of the studio, especially since we’re located in Bragg Creek, I always pack duplicate equipment just in case something malfunctions, I have a backup on hand. It saves driving back to the studio to pick it up. I also want to take everything with me on a vacation.

    Before we discuss camera bag options, if you are looking for the right bag solution, you should pull out everything that you plan to take with you. Divide it into different piles; equipment you definitely always need access to, like camera bodies, your favorite lenses, meters, etc.

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  • BTS of Stop Motion Sony Teaser Video with Salman Sajun Studio

     Salman Sajun based in Montreal Quebec, is a director that specializes in bringing the inanimate to life. Through a blend of stop motion and live action, he has created content for high-profile clients including Google and Nickelodeon. We are honoured to have had the opportunity to work with the Salman Sajun Studio team to produce a quick teaser video for SONY to help generate some traction and awareness about Sony's Trade In - Trade Up Promo. 

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  • Reading American Photographs, Another Photographic Reality, and Mexico

    So, a weaving approach to write about a book I have wanted to read for years, Alan Trachtenberg’s “Reading American Photographs”. Time gets in the way, and I have had to put it off. But, I recently ordered a few copies for The Camera Store, and I am now quarter of the way through. I get slowed down when I read history, I get side-tracked with historiography, and get down into the reeds.

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