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Since 2009 TCSTV has become the most popular Canadian based (and one of the top photographic product review) Youtube channels. Our most popular video was a viral video called Battle at F-Stop Ridge which now has over 2.8-million views from around the world. Our channel provides video reviews, in-depth tutorials, and occasional comic relief to the photo/video community. Our host, Chris Niccolls, will help you stay on top of what's new in photography and videography, and make sure you have the technique and gear to get the shots you want! All videos are filmed and edited by Jordan Drake, our resident videographer and video specialist. You can find all our episodes on our Youtube channel, and updates on our blog.

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The Next  TCSTV Youtube LIVE SHOW dates are Saturday,  April 14 & 28

About the TCS TV Crew


Chris Niccolls



Host of TCSTV, the voice of our radio commercials, and a photo instructor at both SAIT and The Camera Store, Chris Niccolls is the longest running full-time salesman at The Camera Store. Chris enjoys photography, fly fishing and marksmanship in his spare time. As TCSTV host, Chris has had the opportunity to fly around the world to review equipment from our major camera suppliers. He is known for being one of the most experienced, and unbiased camera reviewers on Youtube.

Twitter: TCSTVChris
Instagram: tcstvchris

Jordan TCSTV

Jordan Drake

TCS TV Videographer/Editor


Jordan has been shooting and editing TCSTV from the very beginning. In recent years, he has begun co-hosting the occasional episode, and he appears with Chris in our TCSTV Live shows. Jordan has been shooting video for well over a decade, and he is an AMPIA award winning cinematographer (Best Dramatic Short Film Cinematography 2016), as well as a skilled Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere editor. Any questions about how we shoot and edit TCSTV, let him know!

Twitter: TCSTVJordan
Instagram: thecamerastoretv

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