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  • From Site to Sight and Still Points

    A once standard book on visual anthropology, eponymously titled "Visual Anthropology", by John and Malcolm Collier, is a primer on using photography as a method of research, and seems relevant to me to disciplines well-beyond ethnography and anthropology, or what was called in my youth “social studies”.

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  • The Mashing

    Join us as we partner with Alberta Beer Festivals to present “The Mashing” events in Edmonton and Calgary. The Mashing, which refers to a common process in brewing and distilling, brings together breweries, distilleries, and restaurants from across Alberta for a unique sampling event. The Camera Store will be on-site to facilitate a photo wall celebrating the event and community in attendance. General and VIP Tickets are now available through ABF for both events.

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  • Tether Tools Case Air - A First Look

    The Tether Tools Case Air is a wireless tethering system that we are very excited to be carrying at The Camera Store. The Case Air creates a WiFi network allowing you to connect your camera to your device. It is compatible with iOS, Android and PC's. Once connected you can control your camera through the Case Remote App, then you can adjust settings to your liking as needed. The device is primarily suited for studio shooting. The Case Air plugs in to the camera’s USB port and creates a Wi-Fi hot spot that is not dependant on an existing wifi network.

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  • Sigma Announces Development of Three New Cinema Primes

    Sigma has announced that they are developing three new lenses in their Sigma Cine full frame lineup. The three new lenses, a 28mm T1.5, a 40mm T1.5 and a 105mm T1.5, will be available in EF, E, and PL mounts, and are slated for release starting with the 105mm in November 2018.

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  • “Go Away” and Take Good Photos

    I’ve always marveled at how aspiring photographers create their most creative images when they travel.  I really don’t see it as a big mystery, but a fun observation, that begs the question why? As well, to ask, why don’t we do that at home too?

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  • Fuji Announces X-T3

    Another day, another camera - Fujifilm has announced the next camera in their popular X-series lineup: the X-T3. With a new sensor, new processor, better autofocus and upgraded video specs, the X-T3 keeps or improves on many of the popular features of its predecessors.

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  • Canon Joins the Full-Frame Mirrorless Game: Announces the EOS R

    Canon has announced their entry into the full-frame mirrorless world: the brand new Canon EOS R. The latest EOS mirrorless camera features a brand new full frame sensor with 30.3MP, a DIGIC 8 processor, and a Dual-Pixel AF system with 5655 selectable autofocus points. Canon has also announced that four new lenses and three different adapters will launch with the new camera. 

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  • f22: Prints at The Camera Store

    Not for nothing, I think buying and owning art is coequal to making it. If you want to have an ounce of credibility making things, buying art is essential. The Camera Store is offering two extraordinary prints at an affordable price. I think the work of the duo of photographers blend together in a way that defies my attempts describing them. I am proud that The Camera Store has made a small number available.

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  • Nikon Mirrorless Is Here.

    Nikon has officially announced their new mirrorless lineup of Z-series cameras and lenses. With two new cameras, the Z7 and Z6, and three new lenses with a brand new mount, the Z-series is the full-frame mirrorless from Nikon that we’ve been waiting for.

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  • Deity Microphones – Questionable Pizza Choices, Exceptional Microphones

    Deity may be a new audio company, but their microphones, such as the S-Mic and the V-Mic D2 have been around for a while under their parent company, Aputure. With the success of the S-Mic shotgun microphone, the folks at Deity decided they needed to spread their wings as a separate brand so they could dedicate themselves to the further development of exceptional professional audio equipment.

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