Lee SW150 Polarizer


Ideal polariser for autofocus SLR cameras. Slots into the Filter Holder which is then rotated. Reduces exposure 1 2/3 stops when fully polarised.

Save 10% on this filter when purchased with any camera lens.

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When light from the sun bounces off a flat non metallic surface, such as glass or water, it becomes polarized with all of the reflected light waves vibrating in the same plane. This reflected glare can be removed by the polarizing filter.


The SW150 System features its own circular polarizing filter. If used alone, the polarizer can be placed into the filter holder and the holder rotated until the desired effect is achieved. If used with a grad filter, the grad should be positioned first, then the polarizer added – you will have no rotation possible without turning the grad, but will have a choice of two axis of polarization, achievable by turning the filter through 90 degrees. (Grad Filter and Holder not included.)

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