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The X-Rite i1Display Pro is the ultimate solution for Creative Perfectionists who demand speed, options and flexibility to attain colour accuracy.
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The X-Rite i1Display Pro is the ultimate solution for Creative Perfectionists who demand speed, options and flexibility to attain colour accuracy.

Colour Perfectionists know that a calibrated and profiled display is a critical element in an efficient digital workflow. Nobody wants to spend hours at their screen perfecting images or video only to find that their display wasn’t accurately representing their digital files. What you see on your monitor, mobile device or projector has to match your digital file or you will never be happy with the result, no matter how much time you devote to perfecting it.

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Great devise and software

By: Alan
I just purchased a i1 Display Pro for my professional work as a photographer. I need to have a properly balanced monitor to match my output to press for magazine work. Display calibration is essential for creating a good ICC profile, so your output matches what you see on your screen. Without this you are just guessing for colour casts and luminance adjustments. For the last 8 years I have used the i1 Publish Pro1 which is a much more expensive calibration tool. The software is very simple and does an excellent job. The nice thing about the i1 Display Pro is that it uses the same software for calibration. It is actually faster than my i1Publish Pro1 calibration tool. A feature I like with the X-rite products is that ability to check the profile by looking at a graph of the applied profile. It shows how well it met the target by displaying RGB results. It also produces a 3D image of Lab colour showing if the profile is damaged in any way. You can also look at High Key, Low Key and grey images plus images taken in various colours (CMY) to see how they reproduce, and compare them to the old icc profile. If you are satisfied, you can still check it further by looking at Delta E results (variance) for your monitor. It quickly will scan the colour patch you select and then show the results. I normally can get my Mac monitor to give me results less than 1 and overall less than 6 for variance. It then tracks these results so you can see how stable your monitor is. In my work process, I also balance my monitor to a printed piece in my viewing booth for luminance since the brightness of an photo is difficult to change on the press once the plates are made. I have not tried to calibrate with the i1 Display Pro for my projector but plan to do so in the future. My older X-rite system has helped a great deal to make the output from screen to projector look a lot better. I am expecting the same great results from the i1 Display Pro
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