Sony PXW-X70 HD Camcorder

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The PXW-X70 features a 1.0" type Exmor R CMOS Sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels. The sensor, which is even larger than the Super 16mm film frame, delivers high resolution and fantastic low light performance.

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The PXW-X70 features a 1.0" type Exmor R CMOS Sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels. The sensor, which is even larger than the Super 16mm film frame, delivers high resolution and fantastic low light performance, as well as offering more depth of field control as demanded by today’s diverse shooting requirements.

The new camcorder has the ability to record High Definition in XAVC Long GOP, enabling 422 10-bit sampling at 50 Mbps. This in-turn supports a broadcast-quality workflow, increasingly adopted by productions in many different professional applications. A fixed ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* lens achieves 12x optical zoom which can be doubled to 24x with Clear Image Zoom and doubled again to 48x with Digital Extender zoom. There is also a ND Filter function, allowing you to choose four conventional mechanical ND filter positions.

Advanced features include Wi-Fi/NFC (Near Field Communication) with Content Browser Mobile version 1.4 or later, plus dual media slots, simultaneous or relay recording, and independent record control. In addition, other wireless network features (e.g. live streaming, file transfer, etc.) are planned to be supported by a future upgrade and 4K recording functionality by charged base future upgrade, which are scheduled to be announced later.

  • Video Resolution
    1080p HD Recording
  • Sensor
    1.0" CMOS
  • Optical Zoom
    12x Optical Zoom
  • Screen Size
    3.5" LCD Monitor
  • Shutter Speed
    1/8 sec. to 1/10,000 sec.
  • Recording Media
  • Frame Rate
  • Bitrate
    50 Mb/s Maximum Bitrate
  • Audio Inputs
    2x XLR Inputs
  • Power Source
    NP-FV70 Battery Pack
  • Dimensions
    W 120.7mm x H 103.5mm x D 274.3 mm
  • Weight

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Feature packed camera plagued by QC issues & disappointing service

By: theedgecine
I purchased this camera from The Camera Store in November 2015. The camera was purchase specifically to service one of our broadcast clients from our location in interior BC and as a b-camera to our Sony PXW-FS7. My company is a full service production company that provides videography to broadcasters, corporations and small business and have exclusively used Sony cameras for over 20 years. We have always appreciated Sony's build quality and strong dealer/service network.

I was attracted to the PXW-X70 for the features offered in this small value priced package: XDCAM 422 recording, 1 inch sensor for shallow depth-of-field, 2 channel XLR inputs, HD-SDI output and more.

The XAVC codec at 1080 50mbps works very well. I was very happy with the imagery from this camera and the XAVC codec allows a fair bit of latitude in post-production.

Ergonomics are very good. This is a small camcorder that you can hold in your hand for extended periods of time, we used it with a light monopod to combine hand-held and tripod shooting styles. The optical stabilizer works very seamlessly. Great little camera for ENG work.

-The camera is very flexible in the way it can be used as the top handle comes off to lower the profile and weight of the camera, making it great for gimble or Glidecam work.
-Nice shallow DOF effects
-4K 100mpbs upgradable !!!
-Low battery consumption
-Light weight and compact size
-3 step internal ND filter !!!
-XAVC codec is fantastic!
-Pin sharp Zeiss lens

-The eyepiece unit on this camera came installed from the factory off centre. It cannot be adjusted. Not a deal breaker but an annoying display of poor workmanship.

-There's no manual white balance button to be found on this camera. There is a workaround if you use an assign button.

-Low light preformance is good at the price of picture noise that's much higher than one would expect from a broadcast division product.

-Sony markets this camera from the Broadcast division and sells it as part of their pro XDCAM line up. We purchased this camera for one particular broadcast client that specified that they needed footage in 50mbps XDCAM codec. Unfortunately, we weren't able to use this camera for that client as their ingest system required MPEG-2 and this camera only uses the less professional MPEG 4. We understand that Sony now offers an upgrade to MPEG-2, for $600 USD, unfortunately too late to keep the business we had purchased this camera for.

-Four months after purchase, (Feb 2016) and in the middle of a project we had an error code 62:10 show up on the camera. It was on a long weekend and the first thing we did was call and leave a message for our sales rep at the Camera Store. After two more calls and an e-mail we finally heard back from our rep 10 days later. "Send it to Sony" I was told. "Where to", I asked. Unfortunately, no one at the camera store seemed to know. I now know from my own research that the western Canada repair depot is Fusion Cine in Vancouver. The message was clear from the Camera Store: you deal with it on your own.

- Our research told us that lens issues have been fairly common with PXW series compact camcorders made in China. The 62:10 problem was an optical stabilization problem. We continued to use the camera through to July 2016 without optical stabilization and it seemed to work well. In July 2016 we upgraded the firmware on the camera. The problem went away and then the camera did not get used through Nov 16-Jan 2017. We though that the firmware upgrade had taken care of the problem.

-Jan 2017: the error code is back. Camera is sent to Matrix in Calgary for repair. The whole lens unit needs replacing. Cost to repair is $900 plus labor. Not covered under warranty because the camera is two months out of warranty. Even though the condition existed in the warranty period. Fusion Cine would not do a warranty repair. I escalated the issue to Sony management. They will not repair this camera under warranty.

After very careful research I would still call this camera one of the best 4K compact camcorders in around the $3K mark. However, the build quality and service from Sony and the dealer is really disappointing. I have used Sony broadcast cameras for my entire professional career, and have implicitly trusted their quality and service. Our XDCAM disc cameras are up for replacement this year. Perhaps it's time to look elsewhere for new cameras.
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