DJI S900 with Wookong-M & Zenmuse Z15


The S900’s arms and landing gear are made of sturdy carbon fiber, greatly reducing weight while increasing stability and strength. This enables a long flight time without sacrificing performance.
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The S900’s arms and landing gear are made of sturdy carbon fibre, greatly reducing weight while increasing stability and strength. This enables a long flight time without sacrificing performance.

With arms that fold in to save space, the S900 is built to be taken wherever you need to go. Then when you want to fly, it can be ready to go in just a few minutes. Never before has a professional hexacoptor been so portable and easy to transport.

The upper centre board can be removed, allowing easy access to install your flight controller and IMU, and giving you a convenient way to setup the power distribution system. Even installation of your main controller, iOSD, Lightbridge, or any other accessories is faster and easier than ever before. This new centre board structure is perfectly compatible with the DJI WKM and A2 flight controllers.

The DJI Wookong Multi-Rotor stabilization controller is a complete flight system for all multi-rotor platforms for commercial and industrial AP applications. Unlike others, WooKong allows the use of regular ESC commonly used in RC helicopters without any wiring modification; Heli mode setup provides a seamless transition for current Ace One AP professionals. WK-M utilizes high quality components precisely calibrated with temperature compensation in all gyros and sensors, industry renowned flight algorithm in autopilot and UAV field.

The DJI Zenmuse Gimbal is a milestone gimbal system which is developed for professional filming, aerial photography for commercial use. Even if aircrafts are in a fast-speed flight, it can still stabilize and control the camera equipment precisely with highest stability. The precision of control angle is within the range of ±0.05°, so picture or video output can reach the best effect.




Before operating this product, please consult local and federal law governing air spaces and unmanned aircraft. Details can be found here.

Customer Advisory: 
It is your responsibility to be familiar with the Transport Canada rules that apply to operating your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or "flying camera". Please be advised that if you operate your UAV for any reason other than recreation enjoyment, you will require a Special Flight Operation Certificate, as per Canadian Aviation Regulations. For more information, please contact your local Transport Canada office and visit their web page on Unmanned Air Vehicles. 

Liability Disclaimer: 
The Camera Store is not responsible for any damage, injury, or warranty claim that occurs with or in connection with any flying cameras purchased. UAV systems require careful training and preparation to use safely. Do not use a UAV if you are not properly trained or qualified, or are unsure of your equipment. The Camera Store does not assume responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury due to the use or misuse of a flying camera. Please be aware that the purchaser/operator assumes all liability and responsible for: 

1. Damages to property and persons from the equipment 
2. Improper use of the equipment 
3. Any indirect or consequential damage related to the use of a UAV
4. Ensuring proper configuration, including Wi-Fi configuration, and maintenance. 
5. Complying to all local and federal laws which may regulate the use of flying cameras in your area. 

It is highly recommended that the purchaser and/or operator have proper liability insurance coverage at all times in the event that your use of the UAV damages property or hurts a person or other living creature.

The Camera Storeʼs UAV Return Policy: 
All sales of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, and flying cameras) are final. There are no returns on UAVs and exchanges will only occur if the unit is DOA. DOA is defined as a brand new unit that will not turn on, or a brand new unit that does function properly prior to first flight (e.g. lights will not turn on). Once a UAV has been used it cannot be exchanged. 

The Camera Storeʼs UAV Warranty Information: 
The UAVs are subject to their individual manufacturerʼs warranty, with the exception of propellers, which are not covered under warranty. The manufacturerʼs warranty only covers manufacturerʼs defects.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I return my UAV if it is not functioning properly?
All Sales of UAVs are final sales. There are no returns on UAVs, and exchanges will only occur if the unit is DOA.

What should I do prior to my first flight?
Read all the literature provided and go onto the manufacturer website for ʻout of the box set upʼ and ʻfirst flightʼ instruction. Check that all electrical connections, rotors, screws, nuts and bolts are all connected properly. We highly recommend the use of propeller guards. Check for any firmware updates before any planned flight. 

What is the first flight I should take? 
The first flights should be training flights to familiarize the pilot with the controls. Manufacturers usually supply an exercise book that provides a number of exercises. These should be conducted in open areas, away from obstacles and people. 

Can I fly my UAV by myself? 
For recreational purposes Transport Canada requires that the UAV is always in sight and flies no higher than 400m. Keep in mind the pilot will also be checking their monitor so it is advisable to have a second person who can have eyes on the UAV at all times. 

Can I fly my UAV indoors? No, there will be no GPS hook up and controlling the unit in indoors environment is very difficult, and may result in injury to people, and damage to the UAV. 

What do I need for a safe flight? 
Make sure that the UAV has GPS connectivity and has locked on to multiple satellites. Be aware that flying near structures such as buildings and trees can interfere with the satellite signal. Also be aware that your UAV cannot detect these structures so fly with caution and always have eyes on the UAV. 

Who is responsible if my UAV crashes or gets lost? 
The pilot/operator is 100% responsible for all damages and loss of the unit.
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