Canon WFT-E5A Wireless File Transmitter


Canon WFT-E5A Wireless File Transmitter

Designed not only as a fully-functioning dedicated grip with vertical shutter release for the EOS 7D, the WFT-E5A is also an IEEE 802.11 a/b/g compatible wireless communication device offering the latest in wireless photography. It's compatible with Wi-Fi Protected Setups (WPS), Wireless File Transfer and Remote Live View with both wired and wireless media servers. It can serve as a Master or as a Slave unit during camera linking. Built-in USB Host compatibility allows for connection to external hard drives, and select GPS units either by USB cable or optional Bluetooth dongle. All this, plus enhanced camera operability make the WFT-E5A the perfect accessory for the EOS 7D.

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Better than EyeFi

By: Jonathan
After doing quite a lot of debating I finally bit the bullet and purchased the WFT-E5A. When using it there were a few things that I wish it did better however overall I was impressed with its abilities, although not all of them were pertinent to my needs.

First, what I liked. I loved how it was able to select ONLY the .jpg files and transmit them to my computer. They transferred super fast and with the EOS utility popped up on my screen seconds after taking them. Pretty cool!

I was also able to set up a VPN and FTP server on my phone, connect the grip to it, and have my pictures wirelessly transfer to my phone or tablet, again in real time. Was super cool to be at the zoo and show the kids "that little ball of fur way over there is this!" Again, having only the .jpg files transferring while keeping the raw files on my card.

Mixed experience with the EOS utility working on my network. Three wireless routers, it worked flawlessly on two. There are lots of people who had the same issues connecting that I did with the third and invariably the solution was to use a different router. Several emails and calls to Canon, different reps, tech support, etc. and nobody seemed to know what settings on my router might be blocking the EOS utility from communicating with the grip. Very annoying.

And now for the not so good. I wish it had wireless N. Granted, when this was first introduced wireless N wasnt really a thing yet, it would have been nice if they updated it (maybe WFT-E5A-N) with the newer, faster wireless protocol.

The power is not shared between the camera and the grip, meaning you don't get extra shooting time because of two batteries. On the plus side, your wireless transmitter is not pulling power from the camera body, so take it or leave it.

Overall the build quality is excellent, its weather "resistant", there were seals to help keep out the weather in all the important places however if you were intending to have this stationed outside for a duration of time I would suggest weatherproofing your camera before doing so. As the reps are known to say, "If the weather has you thinking 'hey maybe I should get a Jacket' you might consider covering up your camera too."

Compared to the alternatives this is the best way to wirelessly transfer files from your 7D to your computer or other devices. The question is is it worth it to you to pay 4 or 5 times the cost of an EyeFi card and adapter for the faster speeds and more options? Only you can decide.
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