ThinkTank Glass Limo


ThinkTank Glass Limo

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The Glass Limo is specifically designed for long lenses; its narrow, lightweight design makes life easier when traveling with long lenses. Compatible with Think Tank Photo Modular Belts and Modular Components, the Glass Limo has three Modular rails for adding adding a ton of extra carrying capacity. Using the harness design from our award winning StreetWalker™ backpack, the contoured, fully adjustable harness fits virtually everyone comfortably.

By removing the specialized yoke-collar and support ring, the interior can be customized with the included dividers to carry a surprising amount of traditional gear: a standard pro kit with pro DSLR and 5-8 lenses.


  • Dimensions
    53.3cm x 23.4cm x 22.9cm
  • Weight

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Best Camera Back Pack!

By: mikeschmeee
I was originally looking for an old Nikon CL-L2 bag to carry my 300mm f/2.8G ED VRII but I stumbled onto the Glass Limo when searching online. I've typed up a full review on my blog, which can be viewed here:, but to sum it all, this bag is simply the best.
It works well with super-telephoto lens, including the new Nikon 600mm f/4 FL with teleconverters attached!
The quality is superb, the straps are very well padded and you can add extra attachments to increase carrying capability.
Speedy shipping and great customer service from CTS as always.
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