Guy Tal: Landscape Photographer's Guide to Photoshop


Guy Tal takes you through everything you need to know to processing stunning landscape images in Photoshop.
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The first step to creating a successful photograph happens before youeven click the shutter: the act of visualizing the final result-viewingthe landscape in front of you and seeing, in your mind's eye, the finalimage that you want to create-is the true first act of the creativeprocess. Once you know the end result you want to achieve, connectingthe dots from capture through post-processing in Adobe Camera Raw andPhotoshop becomes an intentional and logical act. Instead of randomly(and desperately) pushing and pulling sliders in Photoshop with the hopethat your image will look "better," you execute a logical series ofsteps that closes the gap between the initial capture and your earliervisualization.

In The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Photoshop: AVisualization-Driven Workflow, photographer, author, and educator GuyTal provides you with a roadmap to help you learn to implement such avisualization-driven approach in your landscape photography. Guy coversprocess, workflow, and the hands-on Photoshop techniques you need toknow in order to achieve your expressive goals. In this book, you'lllearn techniques and strategies to help you effectively implementvisualization in your photographic process, how to perform "gapanalysis," where you learn to identify the gaps between the image at anypoint in time and the desired outcome, how to use Adobe Camera Raw tooptimize your digital negative in advance of further editing inPhotoshop, the best ways to set up your Photoshop preferences foroptimal performance, and much, much more. Bringing all of thesetechniques together, Guy presents a series of image case studies,beginning with his earlier visualization for each image in mind andworking through the post-processing, from RAW capture to the finalprint.

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