Brad Zellar: House of Coates


Washed up in the shadow of a refinery, Lester B. Morrison, legendary recluse, documents his life in a series of photographs taken with a disposable camera.
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"An exquisitely haunting, melancholic treasure of a book about peoplewho drop out and populate tiny towns and rural communities, and thelonging and loneliness of the human condition."—Judy Natal, Photo-Eye

"Oneof the great American moves is vagrancy, the freedom to drift, theright to look at things from outside the mainstream. The prose in Houseof Coates hums with this irreducible freedom. The photographs are bothperfectly artless and undeniably visionary. Any question of fiction,non-fiction, subterfuge, or narrative trickery is superfluous in a booklike this one, so appealingly strange, so delicately balanced, and soincontestably bound to its time and place."—Teju Cole, author of Open City

"A very handsome paperback edition...a new afterword wraps the whole mystery of Lester beautifully." MinnPost

"AsBrad Zellar so vividly illustrates in his new limited-editioncollaboration with photographer Alec Soth, 'House Of Coates,' broken menhave always been with us, haunting us, providing a mirror. Society maylabel them bums, homeless, or pariahs, but Zellar's empathetic writingallows the reader to get inside one broken man, and therefore all."—Jim Walsh, MinnPost

Washedup in the shadow of a refinery, Lester B. Morrison, legendary recluse,documents his life in a series of photographs taken with a disposablecamera. In a landscape of off ramps, warehouses, and SRO hotels occupiedby terminally lonely men, love and faith break in, quietly offeringhuman connection and the possibility of redemption.

Brad Zellarhas worked as a writer and editor for daily and weekly newspapers, aswell as for both regional and national magazines. He is the author of Suburban World: The Norling Photos, The 1968 Project, Conductors of the Moving World, and House of Coates.

Alec Soth is a photographer whose first monograph, Sleeping by the Mississippi, was published by Steidl in 2004. Since then Soth has published over a dozen books including Niagara (2006), Dog Days, Bogotá (2007), The Last Days of W (2008), and Broken Manual (2010). Soth's work has been exhibited at Jeu de Paume in Paris and Fotomuseum Winterthur in Switzerland.

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