Tara Bogart: A Modern Hair Study


Inspired by Nadar's Marie Laurent (1865), Bogarts' series captures the timesless struggles of young adults and their ideologies and individuality.
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In 2011, during a visit to Paris' Bibliotheque nationale, Tara Bogart saw the photograph Marie Laurent(1865) by Nadar and was immediately intrigued. The photograph, takenfrom behind, was of a young woman whose hair was held up by an ornateclip. Five months later, she began the series that became A Modern Hair Study.Photographer's statement: "While certain ideals are often relevant todifferent generations, the ways in which women adorn and modifythemselves often indicate the struggles of a young adult with their ownideology and individuality. After photographing these young women, I canimagine these struggles are timeless."

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