Leica Thambar-M 90mm f2.2


This reissue of the classic Thambar has been carefully modified, while maintaining the origigal optical calculations.
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Following the re-issue of the Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6, Leica are nowfurther expanding their line of classic lenses with the Thambar-M 90 mmf/2.2. Once again, the exterior design has been carefully modified,while the optical calculations remain unchanged.

When the Thambarwas originally released in 1935, Leica lenses were already renowned fortheir exceptionally sharp rendition. So it was all the more surprisingwhen Leitz introduced a soft focus lens which – despite being namedafter the Greek term ‘thambo’, meaning ‘blurred’ – gave rise to imageswhose romantic aesthetics are not only unmatched by any other lens tothis day, but also impossible to replicate in digital post-processing.

Thismakes the new Thambar-M an exciting counterpoint to Leica’s other 90mmfocal length lenses, and allows the modern-day photographer toexperience the unique characteristics of this classic lens; or as theGreek would say, ‘me thambose me teen omorfia tis’ – 'to be blinded bybeauty.'

Manufactured by Leitz from 1935, the Thambar 9cm f/2.2 achieved arelatively low production run of just 2,984 units, which partly explainsits great popularity among collectors.

When developing theThambar, the engineers surrounding Max Berek were able to draw on theirvast expertise regarding the causes and correction of optical flaws, inorder to design an intrinsically sharp lens which nevertheless permitteda carefully determined level of spherical aberrations – thus givingrise to the desired soft-focus effect. When the Thambar was firstlaunched more than eighty years ago, it was intended for photographyenthusiasts who were highly skilled at their craft.

Today, theability to adjust images in the camera’s Live View monitor makes it eveneasier to achieve the desired results with this truly exceptional lens.

The Thambar’s distinctive, dreamily romantic look and unmistakeablebokeh are created by deliberately under-corrected spherical aberrations,along with a 20-bladed aperture for the circular rendition ofout-of-focus highlights. Because the aberration increases towards theperiphery of the optical system, both the extension of the depth offield and the degree of diffusion can be precisely controlled via thestep-less aperture ring.

Widening the aperture increases the soft focus, whereas stopping downreduces the effect.  The opaque area at the center of the included softfocus spot filter prevents the axial rays, which generate sharp focus,from reaching the sensor – resulting in an even more intense soft focusappearance.

  • Focal Length
  • Lens Construction
    4 elements in 3 groups
  • Maximum Aperture
  • Minimum Focus Distance
  • Filter Size
  • Lens Mount
    Leica M
  • Dimensions
    110mm x 57mm
  • Weight
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