Ahndraya Parlato: A Spectacle and Nothing Strange


Drawing on Parlato's experience of being raised by a single mother who was mentally ill, these works imagine an oscillation between "internal" and "external" images, revealing different realities.
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Irrational images flash through our minds all the time, in dreams anddaydreams. Ahndraya Parlato's work imagines an oscillation between these"internal" and "external" images, revealing the possibilities ofdifferent realities. Combining ten years' worth of images, this bookdraws on Parlato's experience of being raised by a single mother who wasmentally ill. Parlato was put in the position of having to decidewhether her mother's observations and fears were real or imagined. Thesephotographs allow her to move between various realities, acknowledgingthe validity of her mother's world, while also questioning theboundaries of normal, abnormal, sane, and insane.

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