Panasonic Pro EVA1 5.7k Super 35 Cinema Camera


The compact EVA1 is perfect for handheld shooting, whether for film, documentaries, music videos, or commercial and event work.
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Compact and lightweight, the AU-EVA1 is tailor-made for handheld shooting, but also well suited for documentaries, events, commercials, and music videos. Its 5.7K Super 35 Sensor provides excellent image quality, and it has been designed with an EF Lens Mount which allows a wide range of lenses from many manufacturers to be used for extra versatility. The AU-EVA1 also offers a stunning 14 stops of dynamic range for more true to life videos, and 4K resolution at 60p or 2K up to 240p for incredible slow-motion captures. Everything you record is stored on handy SD card media.

Cinematic Run & Gun

Weighing only 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg / body) with a compact form factor(6.69” x 5.31” x 5.23”) and a removable handgrip, EVA1 can be used forefficient handheld shooting applications and can also be mounted on adrone, gimbal rig, or jib arm for complex yet smooth camera moves. Therewill also be numerous mounting points and Panasonic is currentlyworking with top accessory makers to allow further customization withthe EVA1.

5.7K Super 35mm Sensor

The newly-designed EVA1 sensor is Super 35 sized (24.60mm x 12.97mm)with 5.7K resolution. With an active resolution of 5720 x 3016, the EVA1delivers more than 17.25 million photosites, nearly double the 8.8million for 4K DCI (4096 x 2160). By starting at a higher nativeresolution, the 5.7K sensor yields a higher resolving image whendown-sampled to 4K, UHD, 2K, or even 720p. Additionally, the increasedcolor information results in a finer, more accurate finished image.

Dual Native ISO

A key feature of the VariCam cameras, Dual Native ISO utilizes aprocess that allows the sensor to be read in a fundamentally differentway, extracting more information without degrading the image. Thisresults in a camera that can switch from a standard sensitivity to ahigh sensitivity with almost no increase in noise or other artifacts.Dual Native ISO has allowed cinematographers a greater variety ofartistic choices as well as the ability to use less light on set, savingtime and money. The EVA1’s Dual Native ISOs are 800 and 2,500, whichwill allow cinematographers to shoot in almost any lighting environment.

Dynamic Range

Dynamic range measures the luminance range that a digital camera cancapture. The EVA1 delivers 14-stops of Dynamic Range, enabling finegradation in exposure from bright to dark.

V-Log / V-Gamut

The ability to capture accurate colors and rich skin tones is a mustfor any filmmaker. Like the VariCam lineup of cinema cameras, the EVA1contains V-Log/V-Gamut capture to deliver high dynamic range and broadcolors. V-Log has log curve characteristics that some would say arereminiscent of negative film and V-Gamut delivers a color space evenlarger than film. The EVA1 will also import the celebrated colorimetryof the VariCam line.

EF-Mount Lenses

For lensing, the camera utilizes a native EF-mount, giving shootersaccess to the broad EF lens ecosystem, including dozens of cinema-styleprime and zoom lenses from numerous manufacturers. There will be fullIris Control, One-Push Auto Focus, and Lens Data.

E.I.S. & Integrated ND Filters

EVA1 employs Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to compensate forcamera shake and blurring, which will help smooth out handheld orshoulder-mount shots on documentary or run-and-gun projects. Behind thelens mount, an integrated ND filter wheel in 2, 4, and 6 stops allowsfor precise exposure control. The EVA1 also allows the IR Cut filter tobe swung out of the path to the sensor at the push of a button. Uniquephotographic effects and night vision imagery are possible with thiscontrol over infrared. The ND filter and IR Cut filter operateelectronically, which will allow wireless remote control fromsmartphones and tablets.

Low-Cost Media / SD Card Recording

Ideal for indie filmmakers, the EVA1 records to readily-available,lower-cost SD cards. With two SD card slots, you can capture footageeither with Simul Rec (simultaneous dual record) or Relay Rec(continuous record). There’s also One Shot Record, which enables singleframe video for stop motion capture. The camera can record in severalformats and compression rates, and offers up to 10-bit 4:2:2 even in 4K.For in camera recording, you can capture in 4K (4096 x 2160), UHD (3840x 2160), 2K (2048 x 1080), Full HD (1920 x 1080), and HD (1280 x 720).For high-speed capture, the EVA1 offers up to 59.94fps/50fps for 4K/UHD,up to 120fps/100fps for 2K/Full HD, or 240fps/200fps (cropped area). Ina future firmware upgrade, EVA1 will offer ALL Intra compression(400Mbps) for in camera recording.


EVA1 offers dual balanced XLR audio inputs with Dolby Audio encoding.The HDMI and SDI video outputs are both 4K-capable and each can beadjusted separately, allowing HD to be fed to a viewfinder or otherthird-party monitor while 4K is sent to an outboard recorder or monitor.The camera is also equipped with standard Timecode functionality. In afuture firmware upgrade, EVA1 will offer 5.7K RAW output to 3rd partyrecorders.

Bundled Battery & Dual Charger

Bundled with the EVA1 is the AG-VBR59 battery (7.28V 5900mAh/43Wh),which should give you approximately 1 hour 30 min of continuousoperating time and a charge time (with bundled dual battery charger) ofapproximately 3 hour 20 min. With the optional AG-VBR118 (7.28V11800mAh/86Wh) battery, you will have approximately 3 hour 5 min ofcontinuous operating time and a charge time of approximately 4 hour 40min.

Additional Professional Features

As a professional video production tool, EVA1 contains severalprofessional imaging tools, including Peaking, Expand (Image Zoom),Waveform, Zebras, and Spotmeter (Y-Get). EVA1 also utilizes FocusSquares, an array of green squares that grow in size when their localarea appears to be sharp, to enable shooters to achieve critical focus.

  • Sensor Resolution
  • Video Resolution
    4K HD Recording
  • Sensor
    Super 35mm
  • ISO Sensitivity
    800/2500 Native
  • Recording Media
  • Bitrate
  • Audio Inputs
    Dual balanced XLR
  • Power Source
    AG-VBR59 Li-Ion battery
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