Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal


The OwlDolly Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer has advanced encoders, and a deep list of features that give a filmmaker the power to create a limitless range of professional camera movement.

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Traditional Camera stabilizers will always be heavy and quiet bulky. Modern camera stabilizers like the Zhiyun Crane are the direct opposite in all the right ways. The Crane has advanced encoders, and a deep list of features that give a filmmaker the power to create a limitless range of professional camera movement.

The Crane is a single handle camera stabilizer that only weighs 2.8 pounds, 1080 grams with batteries. Zhiyun’s Crane can be easily stowed in a backpack, and with the press of the power button be ready to film by the time you finish this sentence.

Being ultra-compact does not hold the Crane back, the stabilizer can lift up to 2.65 pounds, 1200 grams of camera, and lens like a Sony A7SII with 24-70mm.

The crane is packed full of premium features such as 5-way analog joystick built into the handle, more than 360° of rotation on all 3-axis, wireless remote with built in 5-way analog joystick, camera zoom and shutter control, 6 hours of battery life, an app for iOS and Android OS, and 1/4th tripod mount on the bottom of the handle.

Zhiyun’s Crane is manufactured with a high attention to detail and tested for reliability. The Crane’s hardware is supported by high performance automotive encoders, three 32 bit microcontrollers running in parallel at 4 kilohertz, and an advance floating point servo control algorithm. This means the Crane can respond to any change within 0.25 millisecond with an accuracy of 99.9%, currently the crane is the only stabilizer with this much computing power. High performance encoders can sense degree intervals of 0.02 degree, ensuring a level horizon. The gimbal of the Crane is fully adjustable, to make adjustments requires no tools, and when needed a lens support can be attached.

Unique to the Crane is the CCI, Camera Control Interface. This interface allows a user to control from the handle of the Crane, camera shutter and zoom. Users can wirelessly control the Crane with an amazing app developed by Zhiyun’s engineers for iOS and Android OS.

The App gives the user the ability to remotely control the stabilizer, change pan/tilt speed, and update firmware all wirelessly from a mobile device. Zhiyun also offers a desktop version of the software for firmware updates. A recent update to the app now allows for Face Tracking using a Smartphone. The Crane does not run Alexmos software or use Alexmos PCB. The engineers at Zhiyun used their own experience with developing and manufacturing military grade radar systems to create their own control algorithm that even takes into account the attitude for greater accuracy. The stabilizer has three built in camera movement modes, Pan Follow Mode (tilt and roll locked), Follow Mode (roll locked), and Lock Mode. The Crane’s kit comes with everything the stabilizer needs from a protective hard case, to two sets of batteries, a dedicated charger, see kit below for itemized list of accessories. The Crane’s value and advanced features make it the one of the best camera stabilizer under $1000.

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