Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body

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Whether capturing a bride walking down the aisle, a runner crossing the finish line or a bear tending to her cubs, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV boasts enhancements to deliver high-resolution still and 4K video files with the clarity and detail you’d expect.

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Whether capturing a bride walking down the aisle, a runner crossing the finish line or a bear tending to her cubs, the EOS 5D Mark IV boasts enhancements to deliver high-resolution still and 4K video files with the clarity and detail you’d expect from the newest EOS 5D. It pairs a new 30.4 Megapixel full-frame sensor with a range of operational improvements, such as a 61-point AF system, Canon’s revolutionary Dual Pixel CMOS AF, a DIGIC 6+ Image Processor, a brilliant 150,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor and more.

30.4 MP Full-Frame Sensor
The EOS 5D Mark IV camera has a full-frame, high-speed CMOS sensor that delivers beautiful images of weddings, wildlife, sports and more. Measuring approximately 36.0mm x 24.0mm, the same size and ratio as a 35mm film frame, it records approximately 30.1 Megapixels at normal ISOs of up to 32000. It also captures tremendous still and 4K video clips suitable for significant post-processing, retouching and cropping. This brilliant sensor adds Dual Pixel CMOS AF capabilities as well, enabling the EOS 5D Mark IV to focus quickly and accurately during live-view shooting, capturing the action as it unfolds. At light levels as low as EV -4, Dual Pixel CMOS AF enables continuous automatic AF and AF tracking at the pixel level in more places and more lighting situations, enhancing overall camera operation for sharp still images and smooth, precise focus transitions in videos.

4K Video
Capable of recording Digital Cinema (DCI) standard 4K (Motion JPEG) videos of 4096 x 2160 pixels at up to 30 fps, the EOS 5D Mark IV is an extraordinary camera for movies, news, weddings and more. It’s also able to shoot Full HD video at up to 60 fps and HD video at up to 120 fps, and supports both MOV and MP4 formats for HD and Full HD right out of the camera for easy distribution or for use in editing software.

Dual Pixel AF with Touch Panel Operation
Featuring Dual Pixel CMOS AF and Touch AF, the EOS 5D Mark IV camera delivers quick, smooth AF throughout 80% of the picture area for excellent subject tracking while shooting video. Used in conjunction with the camera’s touch screen, it’s easy to select the location and size of the AF frame, which can be especially useful when the subject is off center or for dramatic focus shifts.

Up to 7.0 fps Continuous Shooting
The EOS 5D Mark IV camera is designed to capture the action. Its remarkable shutter, advanced AF, exposure and image processing systems help ensure virtually instantaneous response and performance at up to 7.0 fps, even at full resolution. A cam-operated Mirror Vibration Control System with a high-torque motor helps suppress mirror impact for stable, high-speed shooting, while the AF and AE systems help ensure accurate exposure and focus tracking, even at high speed. Whether immortalizing a bird in flight or a father’s first dance with the bride, the EOS 5D Mark IV camera delivers a combination of performance and image quality that’s ideally suited to the needs of advanced photographers.

Dual Pixel RAW
The EOS 5D Mark IV camera’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF system enables capture of Dual Pixel RAW (DPRAW) files. Images shot as DPRAWs offer advanced photographers significantly more parameters for post-production adjustment with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software. DPRAW files processed in Digital Photo Professional can be adjusted with functions that include Image Micro-adjustment to help reduce blur and maximize sharpness in detail areas, Bokeh Shift for more pleasing soft focus areas and Ghosting Reduction to help minimize aberrations and flare.

In-camera Digital Lens Optimizer and Diffraction Correction
The EOS 5D Mark IV camera is equipped with a number of in-camera optical correction functions, previously available only using Digital Photo Professional software, for more clarity, less distortion and less light fallout in the corners of the frame. It comes preloaded with aberration data particular to specific lenses, helping the EOS 5D Mark IV camera to correct images in-camera with virtually no delay. Able to correct for peripheral brightness and chromatic aberration, the EOS 5D Mark IV also features distortion correction to help remedy barrel and pincushion distortions and diffraction correction to correct the blurring effects from diffraction that can be created when capturing an image at a small aperture. Effectively compensating for optical quirks from the lens, the EOS 5D Mark IV produces clean files that are ready for print or display, quickly and easily.

ISO 100–32000 (expandable to 50–102400)
Featuring an ISO range of 100–32000 (expandable to 50–102400), the EOS 5D Mark IV camera thrives at low-light photography. Whether shooting at night, in inclement weather or even in dimly lit auditoriums, the EOS 5D Mark IV camera’s sensor has an improved S/N ratio plus an improved noise-processing algorithm to deliver high-level light sensitivity, without compromising image quality. In low light, or when simply suppressing camera shake blur, the EOS 5D Mark IV camera’s extended ISO range helps it to excel in a wide range of lighting situations.

4K Frame Capture
To confirm focus, review compositions and even to save still photos for printing or sharing, the EOS 5D Mark IV camera can save individual frames from 4K video as new 8.8 million pixel still image files, which is easily done using on-screen commands during video playback.

61-point AF
The EOS 5D Mark IV has a new AF sensor, with 61 AF points covering a broader vertical area of the image than its predecessor. This AF system delivers excellent accuracy and performance, with up to 41 cross-type AF points available, and extra-high-precision AF at up to 25 points on the AF array (when wide-aperture lenses are used). Low-light sensitivity of this AF sensor is also improved, with the center point delivering AF at levels down to EV -3. AF with tele extenders at f/8 maximum effective apertures is also greatly improved — AF is possible at up to all 61 AF points, when specific Canon telephoto lenses are combined with Canon's Version III EF tele extenders.

Anti-flicker Function
Especially helpful when shooting under fluorescent lights, the EOS 5D Mark IV camera’s anti-flicker function detects the frequency and phase of a light source’s flicker and captures images near the point of peak brightness when the subject is most likely to be properly illuminated.

Intelligent Viewfinder IIFor ease and comfort in all day shooting, the EOS 5D Mark IV camera’s Intelligent Viewfinder II offers a bright, customizable view that includes AF points, an electronic level and numerous relevant camera settings.

Enhanced Wireless Functionality
Thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, the EOS 5D Mark IV can be easily set up to operate remotely, with control of select camera settings from compatible mobile devices. Image review and transfer are fast and convenient, without even having to take the camera out of its bag.

Built-in GPS
The EOS 5D Mark IV camera has built-in GPS to help photographers and filmmakers automatically tag their images with location data. This sophisticated system can also time sync with Universal Time Code (UTC) via satellites around the globe.

Dust- and Drip-resistant, Lightweight Design
The EOS 5D Mark IV camera is designed to perform where the action is, no matter the conditions. Not only is it lightweight for easy portability, but it also features a robust structural design. Its dust- and water-resistance is enhanced with numerous seals around the camera’s buttons, ports and lens mount.

Improved Controls
The EOS 5D Mark IV camera incorporates a number of refinements for reliable, durable operation, such as moving the remote controller port to the front of the camera and including a cable protector for the USB 3.0 Micro B port. A new AF Area Selection button has been added, which can be customized to allow direct changes in the size of the AF Area by simply pressing it inward.

IPTC Function
Additional information can be added to each image, with up to 39 possible types of IPTC data available. This data is entered into Canon's EOS Utility software, and then uploaded into the camera. Once in-camera, it can be active or disabled using the camera's menu. A well-established staple of the photojournalism industry, this added IPTC data provides many EOS 5D Mark IV camera users the ability to add detailed information to each image, including caption data. Numerous third-party browsing and image-editing software programs can use this data for detailed keyword searches, and other purposes.

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EOS 5D Mark IV Body
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