Aputure COB 120t Lighting Kit V-Mount with Case


The Aputure COB 120t Lighting Kit with Case is a high powered video light with a rating of 11100LUX at 0.5m, and can be controlled wirelessly.
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ACOB for Light StormThe Light Storm COB 120 is the first Chip-On-Boarddesign of the Aputure Light Storm series. The 120T featurestungsten-balanced light.

Immaculate Lighting
TheCOB120 features a CRI of 97+. For an even more precisemeasurement, itsTLCI is also rated at 97+ as well. TLCI, TelevisionLighting ConsistencyIndex, is the most professional measurement ofcolour fidelity. Itreveals how well a light source renders colours forfilm or photographycontext. Topping both charts, the COB120 guaranteesnatural, pristinecolour in any application.

Auto/Force Mode Smart Temperature Control
TheCOB120 has a remarkably intelligent temperature control system. Thefansrotation will be varied based on its measurement of thecorrespondingambient temperature. Furthermore, the fans will go tomaximum rotationspeed when you press the Auto/Force button. Thiscomplex fan system isperfect for improving both your fixture'sdissipation efficiency and itslight lifespan in complex shootingenvironments.

Amazingly Quiet
Mostlights utilizing a fan system are too loud and not suitable forfilm orvideo production. However, the LS C120 with its built-inelectric fanproduces only 18dB noise. That means you will virtuallynever hear thenoise, even if your led is being used at maximumbrightness output overlong periods of time.

Portable and Lightweight
Theseare two characteristics that many photographers and filmmakerscanappreciate in equipment that gets often used. The COB120 has aweightof 1.6kg, which is less the weight of a 13-inch Macbook Pro.

Separated Light Control Operation
TheCOB120 has a unique design that separates the light from itscontrols.This allows people to control illumination on the COB120'scontroller boxno matter where it is mounted and greatly reduces thetraditionallytop-heavy weight of mounted fixtures.

Ingenious Design
Featuringan aircraft grade-aluminum body, the LS C120 is remarkablytough anddurable. It undertakes more than 100 fabrication proceduressuch asextrusion, cutting, trim, sandblasting, oxidation and laserengraving.The delicate design and elaborate production makes the COB120both sleekin design and robust.

Efficient Battery Power
SolutionsTheCOB120 is able to meet any of your various shootingrequirements byoffering power in two of the most popular professionalbattery mounts:batteries of either the SONY V mount or Anton Bauermount can be useddepending on which model you choose.

100m Wireless Remote Control
Using 2.4G FSK technologies, the LS C120 can be adjusted in brightness wirelessly using a remote, even 100m away.

Assisted Handgrip
TheCOB120 includes the practical engineering principle of includingabuilt-in handle grip. This simple, yet effective design makes iteasierto transport and adjust your light's direction.

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